Fan Fun: Gillette And Stark Industries Join Forces To Create The Ultimate Shaving Experience

Credit: Marvel

Shaving … the scorn of men and women everywhere. It doesn’t provide a close enough shave, it needs more moisture, I get too many nicks from using it. With the seemingly endless research into developing new and improved razor blades, you would think they would have finally cottoned on to a winning formula. However, Gillette might just have achieved this.

Tapping into the technology of the Marvel superheroes, Gillette has teamed up with Stark Industries revealing a new line of razors inspired by the Avengers.

These four new wonder razors, XL Gamma, Repulsor1, Ultrastrike and Thunder, are fitted with gamma rays, repulsor units, vibranium blades and Mjolnir lightning to guarantee each user “the best [shave] a man can get.”

Ah, if only it were true, hey fellas?

While they each have a certain appeal (though that Hulk gamma ray razor really needs to be handled with care), the technology is still quite a way off yet and so no, they are not for sale. The four blades are part of Marvel’s marketing campaign for the release of its Avengers: Age of Ultron in a couple of weeks. But believe me, I’m sold and I don’t even need one.

Check out the Gillette ad below.

I have to say my favourite has to be the Thor-inspired one, especially its honour base gyro gravity field feature that makes it “borrow-proof”. I guess that’s one way guys can stop their significant other from stealing their razor.

Which Avengers-inspired razor do you wish was in existence? Let us know below.

Avengers: Age of Ultron is in cinemas April 23 in the UK and May 1 in North America.

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