Emma Reunites With An Old Friend In “Lily” On Once Upon a Time

Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC
Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC

Last week Once Upon a Time made a gutsy move in their quest to turn Emma Swan into Black Swan. In the process we lost yet another Queen of Darkness and started down as morally ambiguous of a path as we’ve seen on this show. This week we’ll continue that journey when Outlaw Queen goes searching for old friends and lovers. It’s time for Emma to get an unwelcome blast from the past: “Lily.”

Always a thief: While settling in to a happy life with new foster family, Emma receives a surprise visit from Lily. The family is so nice they invite the random friend to have dinner with them but Emma sees footage on the news of a robbery that Lily clearly participated in. The girl claims her boyfriend made her do it and accepts Emma’s offer to leave. First she needs Emma to go get her mother’s necklace and while she’s gone, Lily steals the foster family’s vacation money. This doesn’t go over well and Emma runs off when it seems as though the family will send her back to the foster home. Lily finds her at a bus stop and tries to convince her to run away together but Emma doesn’t want anything to do with her and walks away alone. Later we see The Sorcerer’s Apprentice approach Lily on the bus and tell her the truth about her life.

Fates’ fools: During a group meeting at Granny’s, Emma is all gung ho to go after Rumple but apparent evil defector Maleficent arrives with a different plan. She’ll help them ruin the Dark One’s plans if Emma will find her daughter, Lily, who was “banished” to Minnesota. Somehow, despite the possibility of many thirty-something women named Lily in Minnesota, Emma intuitively knows this is her old friend. “Ain’t. fate. a bitch? You know this girl,” Regina responds. Heh. Knowing Emma will go after the girl and as she’s still planning to rescue Robin, Regina convinces Emma to go on a road trip together to “make today the day [they] both beat fate.”

Locating Lily: Hook reminds Emma to stay on her right path by remembering she’s got her parents, Henry, and him to live for. Swan Queen’s quest hits a snag right away: Lily was apparently killed in a drunken car wreck years ago. While back on the road a flat tire forces them to wait out the tow truck in a random coffee shop. As fate would have it the waitress at that coffee shop is Lily, alive after all, but she isn’t interested in talking with Emma. Emma in turn isn’t convinced by Lily’s disinterest and tracks down Lily’s home address. She and Regina go snooping around and discover Lily has been hunting down Emma, Storybrooke, and the Charmings. They’re too busy being stunned to notice Lily stealing Emma’s car, which also has the scroll to let them back into Storybrooke, until it’s too late. Resourceful when the plot calls for it, Emma hotwires another car for them to use in pursuit.

A nasty surprise: Emma displays some pretty impressive driving skills (where did she get them again?) and forces Lily to pull over. Lily knows the Charmings are responsible for her miserable life and is intent on destroying them in return. A minor fight between the two women ensues and Emma pulls her gun. Only Regina’s intervention stops her from killing Lily so the other woman can’t hurt her family. The two women seem to come to an understanding and hurry off with Regina to save Robin. Outlaw Queen reunite and Robin obviously has a tough time accepting the whole Zelena-is-Marian business until his wife helpfully reveals her true form anyway. Regina begs her beloved to grab Roland and come away but he can’t leave his “wife.” Because she’s pregnant.

Fairy Dust

  • In a very C plot tonight, Rumple threatens Will into stealing Belle’s heart from where Maleficent is guarding it for Regina. Then the two men return the heart to its owner, who either doesn’t remember offering to help Regina or Regina did in fact take it by force. In any case, Rumple promises to essentially leave Belle alone and is confident Will can help protect her now.
  • Despite the above, my Rumbelle heart is still sceptical and refuses to reignite. It similarly refuses to get on board with Scarlet Beauty.
  • It’s so helpful for Lily to have a star birthmark so Emma can identify her in old black and white newspaper photos and as a 30-ish waitress.
  • Emma has a talent for finding people? LOL!
  • Emma can tell when someone’s lying? OH COME ON!
  • Just like the last time we saw young Emma and Lily together, tonight featured some, in my opinion, lesbi-honest moments. Highlights include these lines from Lily to Emma:
    • “Ever since you left, everything has gotten worse.”
    • “It’s like my whole life is darkness and when you’re around things are brighter.”
    • “Emma please don’t walk away again”
  • How did Lily get a necklace from Maleficent? Did she have it in the egg?
  • I’m bothered by the direction this show is taking when it comes to individuals owning up to their actions. The Charmings are eager to blame The Author for tricking them into sending Lily away. The Apprentice says The Author forced him into altering The Saviour’s storyline. He then tells Lily her life sucks because others made it so, not because of anything she did. But in each of these cases the individuals made decisions of their own free will that were wrong. They may have been influenced by someone or something else but in the end, they made the choice(s). What happened to this show preaching the “you have the power to change your life but first own up to your mistakes” motto? For example:

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