Emily Gets Some “Exposure” This Week On Revenge

Credit: Heavy

This week’s Revenge was a blast from the past as we see the red sharpie return with a vengeance.

Everything is out on the table now that Emily has publicly come forth as Amanda, but the big reveal will impact more than just the revenger herself.

Nolan, for one, did not anticipate the big secret unveiling. Louise didn’t take the news well, considering thatĀ all of Nolan’s secrets are on the table too and there’s no hiding everything he kept from her. Unfortunately, this resulted in Louise turning to Victoria for a shoulder to cry on. Naturally, Victoria doesn’t exactly have favourable advice and Louise isn’t known for her good judgment – as much as we love her.

Pushed by the Queen Grayson, Louise tracks down files on Nolan’s computer that incriminate Emily and takes them all. This results in Emily lashing out at Nolan for his potentially life ruining mistake, and Nolan subsequently burning his Shamu camera.

We teared. A lot.

As all these relationships deconstruct, flashbacks consistently occur reminding us of the seasons before this one. Naturally, we expect this means nothing good as flashbacks just scream “series finale.” Thankfully we still have a few more episodes left. We can’t say goodbye just yet.

The flashbacks remind us of all our favourite relationships and friendships from Emily and Nolan, to Margaux and Daniel to Emily and Jack. The latter, of course, warmed our hearts. Remember when Jack confessed his feelings in the first season as well? We forgot.

Our only question is, what about Declan? We digress.

After Emily goes back on television in a tell all interview to explain her secrets even further, surprising us yet again, the whole episode’s plot seems to end there in favour of nostalgic friendships, relationships and occurrences. There are no secrets left and now, as Emily so bluntly put it, everything is in Victoria’s hands.

In the final moments, an unknown figure on the beach takes out their own red sharpie, targeting Amanda Clarke. If it’s not Conrad, we don’t know how we’ll feel.

There has never been an episode quite like this on RevengeĀ and we don’t hate it. The memories of seasons past come flooding in, allowing us to re-live the moments that defined these characters we have come to both love and hate, sometimes all at once.

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues