Emily Dodges A “Burn” This Week On Revenge

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

In this week’s Revenge, relationships were shattered and morals were destroyed. Luckily, the most important friendship on the show patches up early in the episode, giving viewers one less thing to be anxious about.

Sitting in the front row of a fashion show, Nolan and his new social worker boyfriend talk #nemily drama and come to a quick conclusion: The duo need to kiss and make up soon, because no one likes a sad Nolan.

Maybe this social worker isn’t all bad.

Upon crossing paths, Nolan and Emily reveal their frustrations but ultimately come together in understanding. We understand where both parties are coming from and, well, we are just happy to see the scheming pair together again.

Speaking of scheming pairs, Margaux and Victoria have added Louise to their plotting team. We love Louise and it hurts us to see her toyed with this way. The misguided belle makes a scene at an event organized by Nolan, who has donated to his new beau’s cause, embarrassing herself more than anyone else. When the exes come together to talk, the punches roll out as Nolan’s lies and Louise’s misguided information result in an ugly confrontation during which, Louise tries to out-Nolan Nolan by “recording his confession” to something he didn’t do. We don’t even remember because we can’t keep up with Victoria and Margaux’s lies.

There goes #LouLan. We are not okay.

In better news, Stevie and David are spending more and more time together. Although, happiness doesn’t last long on Revenge. Just when we were ready to sail the Stevie/David ship, he reveals that he has cancer. No, Emily doesn’t know, and he doesn’t get closer to telling her this week.

Yes, we cried. How is this even fair?

The tragedy only continues as in this episode Jack reveals he is leaving for LA for a better life. Yeah, Emily didn’t get on the plane to confess her love. It was all too Rachel Green for the revenger. Nolan plays matchmaker in trying to get Emily to chase after Jack, only to have Ben overhear – and we didn’t shed a tear. We did cry, however, when Jack asked Nolan to, as a friend “never tell me she loves me.”

Our hearts. They hurt.

With three episodes left and with the new division of scheme teams, you’d think that there’d be no more than Nolan’s blooming love life, David’s illness and the return of Mason Gladwell to deal with.

And then Victoria blew up Grayson Manor.

With her in it.


Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues