Emily Deals With The “Aftermath” This Week On Revenge

Credit: TV Equal
Credit: TV Equal

Grayson Manor and the Queen Grayson herself have gone up in flames and it’s not all as perfect as any avid revenger would be able to anticipate.

Well, save for some shirtless Jack.

There was no way that Victoria would remove herself from the revenge game; she would only play a winning hand.

Revenge kicks off with a whole lot of happy, which ensures us there will be a whole lot of sad in the episode’s last few minutes.

Life seems to be peachy for Nolan and, well, that’s never a good sign. Nothing ends well for Nolan. The genius’s social worker boyfriend Tony continues to be perfect – and we don’t trust it. The two spend the night together (get some Nolan), and within minutes Nolan is planning a vacation with his new beau.

Nolan knows better than anyone else that when a good thing happens you hold it close, driving him to act fast with this new relationship. Who can blame the guy?

It all starts to go sour when Tony backs out of both the vacation and the relationship due to his new baby. That’s right, the big reveal is that Tony is going to be a father and he can’t be with Nolan if he’s going to be a single dad. It’s all very confusing and unnecessary. If Tony isn’t going to be a sketch-bag working for Malcolm, Victoria or GASP Conrad, he may as well stay around to make Nolan happy.

At least #Nemily can be content that Victoria is underground – right? Emily and David celebrate with a father/daughter movie date. After all, there are now no secrets left between the two. That’s a first.

On the other side of the Hamptons (a couple doors over), Margaux and Louise dig into the death of their friend. Although a suicide note indicates that Victoria wanted to end her life, Louise is instantly sceptical. Turns out, the southern belle is way too smart for her own good. Just when Margaux is trying to help Louise come to terms with their loss, they find blood on a door in the manor. Turns out, Victoria was murdered.

Or so, she wants us to think.

Within moments, we are talking alibi’s and DNA samples. Yeah, that sounds like Revenge. Upon learning of the fire, Jack returns back from LA to deal with his links to the Graysons. That’s right, Jack is back for himself (you go, bro). Not Amanda.

No bro. NO.

Although Jack turns his back on Amanda, a chat with Ben (ugh) results in the pretty (annoying) cop saying three words that justify his whole involvement in this show.

“She chose you.”

Cut to Jack climbing up the steps to mend things with Amanda, all the while our favourite revenger is shoved into a cop car. After all, she killed Victoria Grayson…right? A video from Mason later, Emily finds out that Victoria, with the journalist’s help, has framed Emily for her death  – which she confirms is the real deal. Now, she’s being taken into custody for a crime she did not commit.

This is not at all going how we wanted it to.

We have two episodes left to see how this all pans out and our hearts just can’t take it.


Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues