“Broken Arrow” Shatters Our Hearts On This Week’s Arrow

Photo: The CW
Photo: The CW

It’s my birthday, so how about we celebrate it with a new Arrow episode? This one was a roller coaster of emotion that left us worrying, laughing and crying at the same time. But let’s get into details.

Roy Harper Redefines Heroism
This has been by far the most cruel twist we have had to go through since the (still very much final) death of Sara Lance. At the end of last week’s episode, Roy confessed that he had been the Arrow all this time to save Oliver’s life. This week we see him in prison, refusing to talk to Thea, and struggling with all the enemies the Arrow made over the last three years. He is attacked several times, and the last one led us to believe that we had lost Roy Harper for good. When Captain Lance declared that Roy was killed, our hearts broke. A crying Oliver Queen did not help matters much. But hey, just kidding. Roy’s alive and well and ARGUS just waved its magic wand. Cruel. Still, Roy Harper is leaving Central City and Team Arrow behind. He will be missed dearly.

The Flarrow Crossovers Continue
A meta human takes over Starling City. Jake Simmons, or Deathbolt, as Ray gracefully crowns him, has the ability to absorb power and use its force to attack. He is now robbing banks and stirs some trouble for Team Arrow. By the end of the episode, we see Ray and Cisco put away Simmons at the Star Labs meta-prison. It includes a shocking reveal: he was nowhere near Central City while the particle accelerator exploded. So, how did he become a meta human? That might be a question for The Flash’s second season.

An Arrow/Atom Team-Up
With that new meta human in town, Oliver and Ray are forced to work together. While they could not be more fundamentally different, they seem to have an awful lot in common as well. There is the general wish to save the city by helping its people, and the hope for a better future. And they have their eyes and hearts set on the same woman. And when Felicity is in danger, both man are able to quite literally become one and save her. While the triangle is not exactly a subtle one, it does not take over the episode. It feels natural and like part of the whole instead of a separate story. But we also know how it will end, including Ray.

Ra’s al Ghul Delivers ‘Motivation’
By severely injuring Thea Queen. Judging by the fantastic promo for Arrow’s next episode, we know that Thea is not dead, but will be saved by the Lazarus Pit. But it might leave her a little … mentally unstable.  As if an Olicity hook-up hadn’t been enough, this episode is raising high hopes. NEXT WEEK CANNOT COME SOON ENOUGH.

Captain Lance takes the Foundry apart – that’s it then, Team. Time for a new hide-out. Goodbye, Foundry.
The Love-Fern returns – just to be broken. He was a true star and quite frankly irreplaceable. Goodbye, Fern.
Oliver’s sass – His subtle eye rolls and general attitude towards Ray are everything.
Roy tells Thea he will be fine – tears. So many tears. Such phenomenal performances from both Willa and Colton.
‘If you rely on that suit more than you rely on yourself, it will get you killed’ – Take your own advice, Oliver.
‘There is a decent chance you and Palmer are related’ – Oliver, your jealousy is showing.
‘You’re the man that I … believe in’ – Another place, another time. But our hearts skipped a beat.
Ray becomes Oliver’s puppet – and it is really fun to watch.
Goodbye Roy Harper– The Team wishes their beloved member farewell. I dare you not to weep.
The Cisco and Roy Bromance lives on – they are adorable, and I’d be okay with more.

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