Watch Out! It’s “Rogue Time” This Week On The Flash

Credit: CW
Credit: CW

In this week’s episode of The Flash, Barry gets to deal with the repercussions of traveling a day back in time. I mean it really was not his fault for running so fast he broke the space time continuum, BUT it is totally his fault for kissing Iris (karma is a bitch).

Now onto this week’s recap:

The Past: The episode picks up where last week’s began/left off, with Barry running through the streets of Central City to go to the morgue. Barry arrives at the morgue and realizes that all of this has happened before. Joe recognizes that Barry is on edge and acting strangely, but Barry brushes him off. We then jump to a scene with Caitlin trying to convince Cisco to go to his brother’s birthday party, which Cisco refuses, and then in runs Barry. Wells immediately recognizes something is wrong and of course knows that Barry messed up the space time continuum. Wells tells Barry to let everything play out the way it was supposed to, but do we really think Barry is gonna let that happen?

Weather Who?: Barry obviously does not listen to Wells, instead he captures the Weather Wizard in record time much to Wells disapproval. The good doctor then warns Barry that time will find a way to replace one tragedy with another (super ominous). Enter Captain Cold and Heat Wave taking over Central City’s mob ring and upgraded hideout.

Birthday Fun: Cisco and Caitlin end up going to Cisco’s brother’s birthday party, where we learn that Dante (the brother) is the family favorite and Cisco is basically worthless. Dante is a complete jerk to Cisco, which causes him to leave the party early with Caitlin in tow. Meanwhile, Barry talks to Linda and they break up. He apologizes to her, and admits that he is still in love with Iris (collective fandom sigh). Linda is unrealistically understanding of the situation, while Barry goes and asks Iris to coffee.

Bro Bonding: Barry and Cisco somehow end up at a bar chatting about girls, when an incredibly attractive women named Lisa comes over and hits on Cisco. Barry takes this as his cue to leave, while Cisco and Lisa get it on. This does not end well when Cisco and Lisa (who turns out to be Cold’s little sister) head back to her hideout, only for Captain Cold and Heat Wave to capture him and force him to make them new heat and cold guns. Lisa also requests a gun with some glitter and gold. Cisco ends up building the weapons because the trio threaten to kill his jerk of a brother Dante, who they have as a hostage. At STAR Labs Caitlin is freaking out that she cannot reach Cisco, and realizes that Captain Cold is back when the trio robs a casino. Barry comes to the rescue only to find out Cold has Cisco.

Coffee Date: Barry and Iris get coffee, only for Barry to confess his feelings to her and get blatantly rejected (ouch). Later, when Barry heads to the crime scene of Cold and Heat Wave, Eddie punches the crap out of him, since Iris is a snitch. Back at the hideout, Cold tells Cisco he’ll only stop torturing his brother and in fact release them both if Cisco tells him who The Flash really is. Cisco admits Barry’s secret and is released back to STAR labs.

Redemption: Joe has a talk with Iris about her feelings, where she adamantly admits she loves Eddie, not Barry (which no one believes). Cisco attempts to quit STAR labs, but Wells convinces him to stay (irony). Then when The Rogues, which is what the trio is calling themselves, attempt to rob all the casino’s money from a truck, Barry as the Flash gets Cold alone and they strike up a deal. Cold will keep Barry’s identity secret if they both stay out of each other’s way.

SnowBarry: However, my favorite moment was of course when Caitlin covered for Barry. She told Eddie and Iris that Barry was suffering from lightning psychosis, which forces him to say and act emotional and a bit insane. Iris seems very disappointed with this revelation, but Eddie is thrilled, and all is well in the world. The episode ends with Reverse Flash killing Mason, Iris’ editor, who was investigating him. This causes Barry to become suspicious of Wells, because Barry knew Mason was investigating him in the former time period (awkward).

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