Thanks For The Glee-mories: Sarah’s Glee Goodbye

Credit: Fox
Credit: Fox

When I was younger I was always the weird one. The one who loved musical theatre, played trombone in the high school band, went to punk rock shows on the weekend and was a bit of a science nerd. I had friends, but I always felt like I was living two lives. The one everyone saw, and the real me.

As I grew up and well into adulthood, I was still the weird one. I had the outward persona that everyone knew and the inner one that was just me. The two paths never crossed and while some people began to realise I was a little odd, they never questioned it or sought out the truth.

I was just Sarah, and people tolerated me.

Then came Glee.

We all know I started watching because of Darren Criss, that’s never been a secret. I was (and still am) a huge fan of StarKid and when Darren joined the show, I joined too.

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Credit: Fox


From watching that first episode (2×06), I knew I had found something different, something special. A show that wasn’t afraid to tell stories that stuck in our minds and our hearts. A show that didn’t shy away from the difficult, the awkward or the seldom talked about. This was a show about acceptance. About being true to yourself and not being afraid to be who you truly were despite what others around you wanted you to be. A show that celebrated being different, being unique and being special.

I quickly realised that if this was how I felt, then surely there would be others out there who felt the same. I never expected to be as right as I was.

I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice to say I expanded my Twitter horizons, and soon I was connecting with people from all over the world who were as invested in this TV show as I was. I have “met” people from all comers of the globe who I can relate to on one basic level, there was something about Glee that changed us.

So this is my Glee goodbye… This is where I stand up and say thank you to the cast and crew of a television show who have enriched my life. People I have never, and most likely will never meet to be able to say it to their faces. Because of you I have become myself, both inside and out. Because of you I have met and become friends with people who love me and accept me, idiosyncrasies and all. Because of you I’m happier than I have ever known myself to be. Because of you the world we live in has been irrevocably changed for the better. Because of you I know that my son can grow up in a world of understanding and tolerance. Because of you there are people all over the world who have had the courage to stand up and say “This is who I am and I’m ok with that”. Because of you there is an entire generation who who have been exposed to a multitude of different types of music they otherwise would have been oblivious to. And because of you I will be able to watch the finale sitting next to two of my best friends, both of whom I met, you guessed it, because of you.

You did that. You made all of that possible. And believe me, I don’t say this lightly, Glee changed the world.

To everyone else Glee was just a TV show, to us Glee was a lifeline.

To the cast, crew, creators, writers, and anyone else who has ever been a part of Glee, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.


Sarah Goddard