Surprise Orphan Black Sneak Peek Raises More Questions Ahead Of Season Premiere

BBC America
Credit: BBC America

Well hello Clone Club, it’s been awhile. Have all of you survived this insane hiatus? Do you guys need a broom to dust off all those cobwebs? I am kind of in shock I have survived this long without my weekly Clone Club dose (miracles do happen).

In just THREE more weeks we get to have our favorite siestras back on our screen. But lucky for us we do not even have to wait that long. It seems that BBC America thought we had suffered enough and decided to give us an almost two minute sneak peek of the upcoming episode, airing Saturday, April 18th at 9/8c!

Check it out below:

Well what did you guys think? I know there was a lot of fandom concern about whether Ari Millen could match Maslany’s acting ability, because as we all know, she is flawless. I think this scene shows that all hope is not lost for the Castor clones if Millen keeps pulling off acts like that! Especially with his parting line, “Sarah, count your sisters.” Did that not give you chills?!

Also, who is excited for badass Sarah to be back? I mean, I love all the cute Clone Club gatherings as much as the next person, but I love Sarah kicking some corrupted scientist’s ass any day of the week. Plus I am crossing my fingers for a Project Leda + Project Castor badass team up, but what do I know?

I really am left with about a thousand more questions than answers not only from last season’s ending, but this little blurb of a sneak peek. Why is Sarah Manning a legend? What has happened to Kira? Why is Sarah “trusting the wrong people,” aka DYAD? Where is Paul? How does Rudy know so much information about Sarah, and everyone in her life?

BBC America I need answers, and I need them now. I know I have lasted this long, but it is definitely past my breaking point. BRING BACK THE CLONES!


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