Someone Suffers A “Loss” This Week on Revenge


In standard Revenge fashion, this weeks episode starts off with some sprinkles of happiness that end up drowned in a whole lot of bad news for all of our favourite characters.

The episode, “Loss,” kicks off with a particularly sweet moment between Margaux and Victoria during an ultra sound that warmed our hearts.

It’s just too bad that Margaux continues to prove herself a worthy opponent. It makes us fear her and makes us that much more anxious. The woman is ruthless and has nothing to lose, making us think that Emily has her work cut out for her. What the French editor doesn’t have, however, is a team behind her. With Jack, Louise and Nolan by Emily’s side, she just may stand a chance.

But Louise seems to be on a team her own. The Southern belle insists on hiding her involvement in her brother’s death, although the involvement was minimal. It truly was an accident, however her lies will only incriminate her. Luckily for Louise, she’s quite the actress, as she’s able to spit out some lies to Ben when he comes knocking at Nolan’s door.

Did we mention Nolan calls her LouLou? Why are these two not a real thing yet.

Probably because someone else has his eye. A particularly sassy, sarcastic caseworker who comes by the house to pass judgment on Jack. Then Nolan, being the guy he is, valiantly comes to Jack’s aid, justifying why Jack deserves to keep his child. When the caseworker, who apparently has a name, approaches Nolan, he apologizes. Although the caseworker, Tommy, is quick to retreat when he sees Nolan’s ring, Nolan manages to spin the complicated scenario by suggesting he explain over drinks.

We have to wonder how Louise will react to this. Although Nolan is still throwing his support behind Louise and could “never hate her,” we can’t help but feel Louise will turn a little green. Either way Nolan sways we’ll be happy as long as Nolan can finally have a healthy relationship.

Still, long live LouLan.

In other news, David was the saving grace this week. David is a father to Emily, Nolan and now Jack as he provides support, wisdom and, most importantly, a shoulder to cry on.

Emily needs all the shoulders she can get, as her attempt to make a truce results in Margaux hit by a car and without child. Margaux falsifies a story in which Emily pushes her, to fully get Victoria on her team. The two together with a common goal does not sound good for Emily, but we will have to wait to see their next moves.

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues