Oliver Makes A Decision On Arrow’s “The Offer”

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

After an annoying (and totally pointless) hiatus Arrow has finally returned to our screens! And if I had to quickly summarize this episode it would probably look like this: kickass ladies bond over sometimes evil daddies while Oliver is self-loathing as usual, with Diggle and Felicity setting him straight. But let’s get into detail.

The last episode ended with a bang: Ra’s al Ghul made Oliver an interesting offer – take his place. But we learn that it really doesn’t matter whether Oliver actually wants to become Ras’ heir or not, the offer is a demand.

Ra’s has a point: why only bring justice to one city if Oliver could take on the whole world?

Identity Crisis
The whole episode we have seen Oliver struggling with making a decision. He felt as if he had achieved nothing as the Arrow, with criminals still roaming the streets and too many casualties (Tommy, Moira, Sara and all those other poor unfortunate souls). What’s even worse is that now also Lance and the police have turned on him, no longer working with and supporting Team Arrow. Our hero also felt quite helpless as Oliver Queen, quite literally watching the love of his life (this is so not up for discussion anymore) move on with the guy who stole his company. Talk about awkward. Despite all their differences, Felicity still continues to be his rock. Fiercely she stood up to him and told him that it was his decision not be with her, and he needs to live with that. She also clarified that her moving on with Ray will not change anything about her commitment to the team and their mission. So while Oliver believes he has not made a difference since he returned from the island, it’s Felicity who pulls him back from his delusion, by changing Oliver’s focus to why he is fighting for justice. He decides he is not ready to leave his mission and rejects Ra’s al Ghul’s offer. We know there will be consequences.

Daddy Issues
This episode surely highlighted the relationships between our ladies and their more or less evil fathers. Laurel was trying to get into Quentin’s good graces again after lying to him about her sister’s death, sadly without any success. The detective is angrier than ever, still grieving the loss of his daughter (again). On the other end of the city, Thea is conflicted about having Malcolm in her home while he is recovering. She is on the brink of killing him, but what stops her is the thought of her dead mother. She wouldn’t want to become a (conscious?) murderer and dishonor her memory. On the other end of the world, Nyssa is furious with her father for choosing Oliver over herself. Ra’s basically tells her to back off and Nyssa leaves. Thank God the ladies start working with instead of against each other. And so Thea finds a friend in Laurel while Laurel finds a friend, and possible trainer in Nyssa. Who runs the world?

Quiet Trouble
This week’s big bad villain was hell-bent to make our heroes’ lives a little harder. The Team had to face Murmur (what a fitting name for someone whose mouth was sewn shut) and his gang. An epic fight ensues when the Arrow, Arsenal, and Laurel, with the help of Nyssa fight the bad guys at the police precinct. Again, a perfect demonstration of the immense talent of the fight choreographers and stunt team!

Nyssa al Ghul – she kicks everyone’s ass while looking like that?! Wow!
The Lazarus Pit – rather a disappointment. honestly, I expect more than that. Underwhelming!
Diggle and Oliver’s Bromance – they’re going strong. Next episode can’t come soon enough!
Laurel Lance, always trying to save the world – the last guy who said that ended up dead. (Never forget)
Wait, was that …? – Could that woman we saw in those Hong Kong flashbacks really be Shado?
Oliver and Felicity – So. Much. Flirting. “As long as you are in my life I am [happy]” – Awww-worthy!
A New Friendship – Laurel and Nyssa bond over Sara and fighting. This is all shades of wrong. I love it.
Thea and Roy reunite – and it’s beautiful. They are so good for each other. Too bad it won’t last.
Ra’s al Arrow? – Wait, What? What the hell is happening?!

Favorite Quote
“My whole career, my whole life, even when I had nothing, I knew right from wrong. And I knew vigilantism was wrong. The day we take the law into our own hands is the day that we become outlaws. And that idea was precious to me. Almost as precious as my own daughters. I threw that all away the day I threw in with you. You know why? Because I trusted you. When I see the man under that hood now, he lies, he keeps secrets. Also he doesn’t have to carry around the weight of his decisions. And I’m done with him.”
– Captain Quentin Lance

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