Jack Porter Is “Bait” This Week On Revenge

Credit: Melty

It’s been a long wait for this week’s Revenge and, unsurprisingly, a lot went down and many tears were shed. Oh, and our dreams were crushed.

Just like the show itself, we’ll lead with the happy and end with the tragic. The good news is that Nolan and Louise are the best looking newlyweds around. We can’t stress enough our love for Nolan in cable knit sweaters and Louise in bathing suits. Those who look amazing together, stay together.


Just when the pair are preparing to jet off to Italy for their honeymoon, Nolan gets some Emily-related news that he needs to deal with as soon as possible. Margaux has the tape revealing Emily and Jack’s involvement in Kate’s death and, well, things are about to get very messy. Unsurprisingly, Nolan sacrifices his trip to clean up the mess with his hacking and problem solving abilities.

Louise tries to celebrate all of her successes by herself, regardless of the pestering from her annoying brother, but it’s not the same without Nolan. She gathers up the spunk to tell Nolan how she feels — lonely. On top of that, she offers to let Nolan off the hook with a divorce.

Fortunately, Nolan quickly shuts down the offer and instead offers her something he’s never given anyone before — the truth. He unveils his and Emily’s night job and brings her onto the team.

Louise is slowly becoming one of our favourite characters.

This week, the team and their new addition have their sights set on Margaux. Louise gets to play a fun role in the scheme and — shockingly — everything goes as planned. Emily reveals her trump card and ultimately shows Margaux up with a snazzy bracelet recording device. Margaux revealed a little too much to Jack during their little talk.

We really shouldn’t be so surprised that Jack can scheme and fake it like the best of them.

Victoria doesn’t fare much better than Margaux this week as she desperately tries to solve her money problems with Louise’s brother, which will no doubt end in disaster. Second, there’s a new queen bee in town — her dead father-in-law’s wife, who now has her eyes set on David to push Victoria’s buttons. Uh oh.

There was also the whole Ben sleeping with Emily thing — but we don’t talk about that. We’re in denial. If anyone has any good reason as to why Ben should still be around and causing problems, speak now or forever hold your peace. Bye Ben. No one likes you.

The episode wraps up with the moment we’ve all been waiting for — Jack confessing his love for Emily. In a perfect world Emily would kiss Jack and the two would ride into the sunset. In Revenge, Emily said the two words words, “I can’t,” then cried. And made us cry.

We’re very angry and inconsolable — but of course we will be tuning in next week in hope that LouLan will happen and that Jack and Emily will get their happy ending. We can only dream.

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues