Emily Gets “Clarity” This Week on Revenge

Credit: Screenspy

Everything was put on the table this week on Revenge. The flawed but loveable characters of the show both learned and shared things, putting their secrets out there to be judged and commented on.

Well, in some cases. The couple with the most to hide this week was, shockingly, the adorable newlyweds, as Nolan and Louise butt heads. The southern belle wants a baby to cure her loneliness and Nolan wants a certain social worker to cure his. Uncharacteristically, the tech wizard hides his new almost-beau from his new wife, causing a lot of hurt and confusion when Louise figures things out for herself. After she learns of her husband’s lies, she overhears a conversation with Jack in which her husband states that he pities Louise and is concerned about her instability.

Her tears brought us to tears. Although Nolan quickly makes his way back in our good books when he confronts Louise about wanting a divorce, but where he stands with his soon to be ex-wife is a bit foggy. It all clears up, however, when Louise finds out Nolan’s biggest secret of all.

Without giving anyone notice but Jack, Emily takes to the podium at the episode’s end to unveil that Daniel did not attack her. All her revenging has left her feeling empty inside (shocker) so she wants to at least clear Daniel’s name. It warmed our hearts, albeit made us nervous, to hear Emily speak the truth about her attack and, an actual shocker, her real name.

Nolan’s “WTF Ems” summarizes our feelings pretty well. Now, Louise knows what really happened and there’s no telling how she will respond.

This episode was a whole lot of information being shared among characters, although not always willingly. It seems like Ben has a hunch about Emily and Jack’s feelings for one another, to which we say, “finally.”

Maybe Ben will take a hint.

Who are we kidding? No he won’t.

The high point this week was a particularly sweet dinner shared between Emily, Ben and his brother. The whole “meet the family” thing warmed our hearts not so much because of Ben and Emily’s relationship, but more because it put Emily in a normalized setting where she could be herself.

And then Jack knocked on the door.

Next week we will get to see how our dynamic cast of characters respond to the unveiling of these secrets and we can’t wait. How will Louise respond to Nolan’s lies? What will Ben say to Emily? Will Margaux and Victoria retire their revenge?

We need answers.


Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues