Emily And Her Team Face “Retaliation” This Week On Revenge

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This week’s Revenge was a doozy. A lot happened in a short period of time and next week we will see the repercussions that will follow.

At the top of the episode, we are quick to see the developments in David and Natalie’s relationship much to Victoria’ dismay. At times like these (when she isn’t trying to ruin Emily’s life) we wish only the best for the Queen Grayson. Who does this Natalie girl think she is anyways? There’s only room for one Queen Bee. However, it doesn’t seem to be status that she’s looking for.

Despite Victoria’s warnings, David pursues his sudden relationship with the widow. Turns out Victoria knows a lot that David doesn’t — Natalie is using him.

David quickly learns that he should have listened to Victoria when some evidence in Natalie’s purse allow him to make some connections for himself.

Turns out, Natalie and Conrad were a thing. Now, she’s avenging him. You know, like that’s a new thing.

We digress. We’re mainly bitter because we want Conrad back. Badly.

In better news, Nolan and Louise are the cutest newlyweds ever — so why won’t Nolan keep on his wedding ring? Okay, so he told Jack people steer clear of him when he wears his ring but, if you’re looking Nolan:


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However, we got one step closer to our dream couple becoming the real deal when Nolan told Jack he was attracted to Louise. In his words, “have you seen her?” Yes Nolan we have and we don’t blame you.

We do, however, blame Ben. For everything. Ben is part of Emily’s team of misfits this week and, well, we agree their take down was cute. Ben’s ex-wife is in danger so the pair band together to protect her. Weird, yes. Sweet? Also yes. Regardless, even sweet moments like these won’t make us feel any less tethered to Emily’s relationship with Jack.

Speaking of Jack, Margaux “took care of him,” which means only bad things. Margaux is taking down Emily’s team member by member starting with Jack. Next is Nolan. The magazine editor has put Jack in handcuffs and, thanks to the help of Louise’s brother, is now looking for dirt on Nolan.

This may be a bit difficult since a small confrontation between Louise and her brother resulted in him face down on the ground following a tumble down the ledge. Oddly Louise is refraining from telling Nolan. If anyone would understand it would be him.

LouLan is the only thing happy in this show and we’d like to maintain it. Come on writers. Love us.

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues