Darren Criss Gives Us A Glee-Ful Sneak Peek At His Original Song, “Rise”

Darren Criss Gives Us A Glee-Ful Sneak Peek At His Original Song
Credit: Glee on FOX


It doesn’t need us to point out that Darren Criss is one talented man. We make no secret of our love for him here at 4YE and we are super excited that he has written not one but two original songs for Glee’s sixth and final season.

The first song, “Rise”, which he co-wrote with friends Theo Katzman,¬†Sam Hollander, Andrew Thielk, Eddie Montilla, and Korey Richmond¬†will premiere in this Friday’s episode, and it sounds fantastic! The song comes into play after the newly homeless Warblers join forces with The New Directions when a fire burns Dalton to the ground. Together they rise as a super show choir group…sounds cheesy, but it works, so let’s go with it!

The song itself is jut wonderful, and that really isn’t me being biased. It’s a great group number with a rousing, Gospel-like chorus and you’ll be humming it all day long. The powerful lyrics also give a great message about overcoming the worst and rising above it all. Listen right here!

Those lovely folks over at ETOnline have gifted us with the most amazing sneak peek, where Darren Criss takes us into a musical building that he cannot legally name (it’s Capitol Records) where we find Laura Dreyfuss laying down her vocals for the track. Billy Lewis Jr. is also there, but he’s locked in a recording booth, so we don’t get a clip of him until we see the New, New, New Directions/Warblers on stage together.

This is the group that will compete at sectionals, though quite how they’ve managed to get that past the judges is anyone’s guess. No doubt Sue Sylvester will have something to say about it, and it won’t be pleasant! We’ll get to see how it all unfolds this Friday at 9pm on Fox.