Broadchurch and Rev Alums Join Tom Hiddleston And Hugh Laurie In The Night Manager

Credit: The Guardian/PR
Credit: The Guardian/PR

Looks like Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie have some company on the way for The Night Manager.

It was announced on Thursday that Rev co-stars Olivia Colman and Tom Hollander are to reunite in BBC1 and AMC’s adaptation of the John le Carré novel alongside Hiddleston and Laurie. Colman just recently wrapped her second season of Broadchurch, with a third one on the way due next year.

The Night Manager first started making waves in the entertainment world way back in October, when it was first announced that Hiddleston and Laurie had signed up for the project. At that time, it was unknown which networks would gain the rights to the air the series.

In January, it was reported that BBC1 and AMC had secured the rights to the series much to the delight of fans on both sides of the pond. The series will be a contemporary interpretation of le Carré’s espionage drama.

The series is about a British soldier Jonathan Pine (to be played by Hiddleston) and his mission to to infiltrate the inner circle of lethal arms dealer Richard Onslow Roper (to be played by Laurie) which includes his girlfriend Jed and an associate named Corcoran (to be played by Hollander). Pine came about this mission when he was recruited by an intelligence operative named Burr (to be played by Colman).

This will mark the first TV adaptation of one of le Carré books for more than 20 years. The Night Manager was first published over 20 years ago and is one of the author’s best known novels.

Being fresh off the drama Broadchurch, this series plays right into Colman’s level of expertise and no doubt will be amazing given the rest of the talent slated to join her.

The series will be directed by Oscar-winner Susanne Bier and begin filming this spring. Its debut on our screens is set for sometime in 2016.


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