Big Changes Could Be Coming To The Newest Season Of The X Factor

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

There is more news on The X Factor changes ahead for the next series!

It could mean the end, however, for the lovely Cheryl Fernandez-Versini. Louis Walsh and Mel B too, probably.

Speaking to The Mirror, Richard Holloway, the show’s executive producer, said: “There will be some exciting changes. The name of the show will stay the same but we are looking at format and the judges…there will be some surprises this year. But I can’t go into detail.”

Except of course, that Simon Cowell will be staying. After all, he only returned full-time as a judge last year, although of course the entire show was his idea way back in 2004. Last year The X Factor was beaten in the ratings by the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, despite running to three episodes back-to-back for a few exhausting weeks.

Whilst the two shows traditionally have quite different audiences; “It is quite interesting the split of the audience. It is very defined.” The X Factor producers want to go after the ballroom dancing reality show with the 11th series, which begins in August.

I think it’s high time that the show made some changes. I’ve been watching it since the start and it is beginning to tire. Whilst I’m happy that Judges Rooms are back, we can do without the endless weeks of live auditions and boot camp. Apparently, Holloway agrees with me, at least partly.

“We have been making the show for 10 years and to make it popular you have to refresh the show,” said Holloway. “You need to look at every aspect and move with the times. There is an ongoing battle with Strictly. On overall volume they beat us last year. It has been a few years since we beat them on overall volume”.

Despite Holloway talking to tabloids about The X Factor, a “source” inside the show insists “It could be the case that Mel, Cheryl and Louis all don’t return but it’s still early days in discussions to say for certain and too soon to speculate.”

One possible new judge that people are still speculating about – and I really don’t know why – is One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson.

In case you didn’t know, he’s sort of tied up on a world stadium tour, making his fifth album and sleeping. As for The X Factor cutie Olly Murs; he actually worked the behind-the-scenes show, The Xtra Factor in 2011, but left as he didn’t want to be labelled as a presenter. So yeah, I can’t see him becoming a judge either.

It’s not too early to sing your heart out for a fleeting chance at a cover album and a spot on the morning talk shows. The X Factor auditions begin on April 8 in Dublin, Ireland, then return to the UK touring major cities until May 9. Additionally, the “Mobile Audition Van” will be visiting smaller locations, and hopefuls will also be able to audition online.

I have a sneaking dread that these new audition methods will bring us even more Stevi Richies, but let us be hopeful.

As Cowell said, “The X Factor is coming back and, if you think you have the potential to be a world-class star, this is your chance to prove it. You really could be the next pop superstar.” Yes, really, you could.

Sara Hunter Smith