Beauty And The Beast Confirms Emma Thompson Casting, Sets Release Date

Beauty And The Beast Confirms Emma Thompson Casting, Sets Release Date


Remember how I gifted you all with my Beauty and the Beast dream cast? Remember how I said Emma Thompson was in talks to play Mrs Potts? Remember how I said Josh Gad should play Lefou and then he was actually cast in that role?

Well, I’m still riding high on that excitement and then today comes the news that Emma Thompson is now confirmed to play Mrs Potts in the live action film, and we have a release date.

March 17, 2017 will be the day that we get to see Emma Watson grace the big screen as Belle, with Dan Stevens as her Beast. Luke Evans will join the cast as Gaston.

More casting news; Kevin Kline will play the part of Maurice, Belle’s dad. Okay, so it wasn’t Dustin Hoffman, whom I’d have liked to see in the role but you know what? I’ll take it. I think Kline will do well. He has that air of delightful eccentricity about him that Hoffman also has, and he is brilliantly funny to boot.

So far all of the casting for this film has been spot on, and I am seriously impressed with the Disney casting powers that be. Let’s hope they choose wisely for Lumiere and Cogsworth too, otherwise the whole film could be let down and that would be a disaster.

A release date always brings a great deal of excitement, and of course, gives us something concrete to look forward to. Two years is manageable for me to wait, I guess, given that in that time we will get pictures from set, teasers, TV spots, trailers and, hopefully, song previews too.

Beauty and the Beast is one of Disney’s greatest ever films, and I am so happy it is to be reimagined with real people in the roles. Tell me, is 2 years too early to book my tickets?


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