Arrow’s “Suicidal Tendencies” Prove That Happy Ever After’s Rarely Last

Photo: The CW
Photo: The CW

Hello everyone! There is a lot to celebrate this Wednesday! Diggle and Lyla are getting married, Ray challenges Oliver, and the Suicide Squad returns! Oh, and we get Stephen Amell in suspenders. And shirtless. In the same episode. Let that sink in.

Til Death Do Us Part
So there was a wedding. All of five minutes. How disappointing. I really did believe we would get a little more insight into the festivities, but this is Arrow. Of course people can’t be happy for too long, but the little tidbits we got were beautiful. Great dresses, handsome men in suits and baby Sara has to be the most adorable thing ever. Diggle and Lyla have the healthiest and most functional relationship on the show. Because they know what they’re fighting for, and both are ready to quit their fight against injustice for the ones they love. They were right when they said they were not only soldiers, but now they are parents too. But they’re in it together, which gives them stability.

The Suicide Squad Rises Again
And Cupid joins the fun! We quickly learn that she is still very much infatuated with the Arrow, even wants to have strong, beautiful babies with him. We all do, Carrie. The Task Force X gets called to Koznia to interfere with a terrorist attack at a hospital. Turns out the hostage situation was planned by an American Senator to polish his own image. Of course the Suicide Squad messes with that plan. The Senator decides to kill everyone, including the civilians and the Squad by setting off the bombs planted around the building. Eventually the Squad manage to turn the situation around and save the hostages – but not without paying a price: Deadshot sacrifices himself and (presumably!) died in the explosion. He is one of those characters I am desperately holding on to.

Who is Floyd Lawton?
This flashback parts of this episode were fantastic. We see a younger Floyd Lawton return home from his time with the military. And while everything seems like a perfect Happy Ever After as he reunites with his wife and daughter Zoey, we soon learn that it’s not that easy to come home. Lawton is suffering from a severe case of post-war PTSD, as he can’t sleep or eat, as he drinks his sorrows away and threatens his wife. We see him ending up in jail where HIVE offers him a new life as a hitman. His first target: Andrew Diggle. Every season we are getting a little bit more information on how John’s brother died. When will finally explore it further? Lawton’s emotional state and his PTSD were such a powerful aspect of the episode, and it is generally important to raise awareness. And it was so well done.

You can watch a special Arrow PSA for the Wounded Warrior Project here.

The Atom Faces The Arrow
While Diggle and the Squad are on their mission, the rest of Team Arrow is chasing the copycat Arrow. In addition to that Ray has found out that Oliver is the man under the hood, and he has sworn to take him down. That causes a rift between Ray and Felicity, as she tries to protect Oliver, while he thinks her feelings for the vigilante cloud her judgement. But Oliver is not too happy with his rival either. I doubt it’s purely Oliver’s anger over an uncontrollable suit that has him lashing out. Ray gets to fly around in a super suit and be with the woman he loves? He manages to do what Oliver believes can’t be done – be a human and a hero. We’re having a full-blown love-triangle here and I don’t hate it yet! The “fight”, if you can call it that, between Arrow and Atom was quite underwhelming, with just a few attacks and a lot of flying around. In the end, experience won over technical advances.

Diggle, the knight in shining armor – “You hurt her, they’ll never find your body.”
Felicity catching the bouquet – Oh, such sweet foreshadowing. Didn’t Marc Guggenheim just reveal there might be another wedding coming?
Cupid has so much love to give – The Arrow, and now Deadshot? Sadly both are … unavailable.
Arrow vs Arrow vs Arrow – All these Arrows fighting each other, that sequence was pretty awesome. Well done, Mister Bamford.
Oliver offering Ray his hand – that was one of his finest moments this season. Bravo, Oliver.
The last scene – Maseo is aiming the arrow at Felicity. Will he actually shoot it?

Bonus Gif For The Shippers

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