Are Big Changes Coming To Next Season Of The X-Factor?

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Credit: Getty Images

It may be five months until The X Factor returns to our screens, but there are already big changes afoot.

According to Tellymix, The X Factor executive producer, Richard Holloway, said “We are looking at the format and the judges.”

This is following the much-hyped return of The X Factor uber-judge Simon Cowell, along with Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, for the tenth anniversary 2014 season. Sadly the two of them, along with stalwart Louis Walsh and Spice Girl Mel B (another new judge) failed to set the ratings alight.

Apparently, Holloway seems to think that Louis Tomlinson would be an excellent The X Factor addition. That he would, but I think he might be a little bit busy with his day job, i.e. One Direction. Holloway is ever hopeful though, saying “Simon respects [Louis’] opinion. Louis is keen on TV production…he would be good as a judge.”

To be fair, Tomlinson did stop in last year to give some pointers to the younger contestants, but his visits were short and sweet. He had a global stadium tour to prep for, after all.

Another shock, which might be just as big as a singer from the world’s biggest band hanging out on a floundering reality show, is that presenter Dermot O’Leary has definite doubts about returning to the show.

“We normally sit down February or March but Simon wants to change stuff,” Darling Dermot said, “so I need to see what changes he is going to make before a) I know if he wants me and b) whether I’m ­suitable for those changes…if he turns round and says “half your gig is a voiceover,” then I will have to think about it. If he lets me do my thing then of course I would do it.”

If by “my thing” he means more dancing, then I’m all for it. Darling Dermot might not be though, seeing as he just did a 24-hour dance marathon for Comic Relief.

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I really enjoyed having Simon and Cheryl back last year – although Mel is a little acerbic for my taste – and I hope they will both return. Louis Walsh has been saying for years that the current series of The X Factor will be his last, and I think we’ve finally had enough of his odd sense of humour.

Whilst we wait for the summer to roll around (and for Ben Haenow’s album, obviously) I ask only one thing from whomever will be gracing The X Factor panel in August: no more comedy acts. Please, no more, I beg of you. If Stevi Richie wasn’t enough to scare you off the genre, then I don’t know what will.

Sara Hunter Smith