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Glee A Wedding recap
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Good evening Gleeks, and welcome to the wedding (or will that be weddings?) of the year. Take your seats, grab your tissues and watch some of our favourites say “I do”. To say I have been waiting a long time for this episode is an understatement, for me it shows just how far our characters have come. I cried several times and never thought I would get that excited over two sets of rings, but I was wrong


We aren’t in Ohio anymore, the wedding will be held in Indiana, what with gay marriage not being legal in Ohio. Brittany is having wedding jitters because they have no officiant for the wedding, enter Kurt to solve the problem with Burt. Burt Hummel to the rescue as always, LOVE Burt.
Santana and Brittany are picking wedding dresses, cue the fun montage of lots of beautiful wedding dresses, until Santana sees Brittany in her wedding dress and Brittany melts down. Santana and Brittany disagree whilst planning the seating arrangement for the wedding, because Santana doesn’t want Sue there but Brittany does. Rachel refuses to be seated with Sam because she doesn’t want to upset Carole as Rachel and Sam are now in a relationship. Mercedes tells her it’s ok to have moved on from Finn because Carole moved on as well. Santana tells Sue she is not to attend the wedding, but we all know that won’t end well.

Walter finds out that Kurt is planning on going to the wedding with Blaine. He tells him to go and get Blaine, and that the only thing to run towards is love. Cue the moment I have been waiting for, yes that’s right Klaine is back and it is a beautiful thing, and we get our touching reunion complete with another Klaine kiss.

Tina tells Puck, Artie, and Blaine that she is planning on proposing to Mike. Yes the Mike that she hasn’t been in a relationship since the end of Season 3. Really, Tina, really? Puck and Artie are slightly confused by it all, however Blaine in his romantic haze thinks it’s a great idea.

Burt and Carole tell Klaine to make the most of every moment and that it is ok to make mistakes. We have a wonderfully sweet scene with the four of them reminiscing about Burt and Carole’s wedding, and how Klaine were almost the next ones. Why did it feel like Burt didn’t know that Kurt and Blaine were back together again? There was another lovely reference to Finn, which is always nice to see and something that has been lacking so far this season.

Brittany is still convinced that the bad luck of Santana seeing her dress is going to ruin her wedding so she sends Tina, Rachel, and Mercedes on a wild goose chase for random items that are meant to bring good luck. Santana tells Brittany that the only reason that it was bad luck for the groom to his bride before the wedding was so that no one backed out. Cue her telling Brittany that this doesn’t matter for them. Sue arrives with the best gift Santana could ask for; her Abuela who tells her that although she doesn’t agree with her life choices she doesn’t want to miss out on any more of her life. I am so pleased that Santana and her Abuela have finally been reunited.

Sue tells Kurt and Blaine that there is an emergency with Britanna, which turns out to be that Brittany always looked up to Klaine and the only thing she wants is for them to get married, they have even got the boys suitable tuxedos. Kurt and Blaine are rightly shell shocked especially when they discover that Santana is in on it.

We see Kurt and Brittany walking down the aisle together and the entire congregation are slightly confused especially as the last time they saw Kurt he wasn’t wearing a wonderful black tuxedo. We then see Blaine and Santana walking up the aisle to meet Kurt and Brittany. Can I just say how happy I am right now, we finally get to see two of our favourite couples get married. Burt gives the most beautiful speech about how brave the two couples are, and I loved his comment to Kurt to say nothing as he was just holding it together, proud Papa Hummel right there. Britanna and Klaine exchange their vows and all I can hear is Klaine saying “I do” to each other. It has been a long and bumpy road for both couples, but BOY was it worth it in the end, and to hear Kurt use the word husband and look at Blaine is just amazing. I loved the “OTP” baseball caps and the fact that Burt wore his with pride!!

Tina goes through with her crazy proposal plan and well what do you know, Mike says no. He tells her he loves her, but that he can’t marry her and that after a day like the wedding it is ok to feel like wanting that.

The wedding party was fun and I just love Blaine’s mom played by Gina Gershon. Her drunken dance with Puck was comedy gold. Kurt and Blaine’s reactions to Carole and Pam singing and tearing up the dance floor were fantastic as well. It was also great to see Sugar back as well, but where was Cooper that’s what I want to know. Carole and Burt give their blessing to Sam and Rachel which was another lovely touch.

Tina and Artie decide over Tuesday lunch that if they are both single at 30 they will marry each other, because according to Artie the world needs a little Tartie, or Artina as Tina christens them.

Sue gives each of our newlywed couples a gift of a honeymoon, and she tells them that she sees them as her own children. I love this season 6 Sue even more than usual. I love Kurt’s reaction when he realizes that the presents weren’t equal. Chris Colfer’s facial expressions are so good, especially when it is showing Kurt’s displeasure at something.


“At Last “– Mercedes and Artie
This was the perfect song for our couples to walk down the aisle to, and I always enjoy Kevin and Amber’s voices together. It summed up the emotion of the scene so well and well I was a wreck. A

“Hey Ya” – Artie, Jane and Madison
When I first heard this I wasn’t won over by it, but as always seeing it changed my mind. It is a good old get up and dance number and I have to say I do like it when Kevin gets a chance to shine. Thumbs up to the chair dancing as well Klaine and Santana. B+

“I’m So Excited” – The Moms and The Troubletones
FINALLY we get to hear Gloria Estefan sing on the show. This was the number of the night for me. It is clear that not everyone is as polished a singer as the likes of Estefan, however it really didn’t matter. Got to love the chance for the moms to embarrass their children. B+

“Our Day Will Come” – Brittany, Santana, Blaine and Kurt
Again another one I wasn’t sure about when I heard it earlier in the week, but it was so lovely in its sentiment. I will say it’s not my favourite song that either couple have performed, as there were times that I didn’t think the four voices melded well together and there wasn’t a fair division of lines to be honest. A-

Next week we have Sue and Will doing what they do best, and the New Directions perform at a special occasion

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