“Who’s Santana?” Glee Sneak Peek Gives Brittany’s Dad A Shock!

Credit: Fox
Credit: Fox

Our regular Monday Glee Sneak Peek is here, giving us a glimpse at “What the World Needs Now”, Glee’s 700th musical number. Can you believe it?!

Personally, I am still not recovered from Friday’s episode, in fact, I might never be over it but there are no elevator escapades this week, just a whole lot of Brittana celebrating their engagement, much to the surprise of Brittany’s dad, who doesn’t even know who Santana is. In fact, Brittany’s mom only knows her as “The yeast girl.” Still, they seem happy enough. I’m just trying to imagine how my mum would react if I announced my imminent marriage to someone she doesn’t know. Hmm.

Still, the New Directions old and new all know who they are and happily serenade the pair to the music of Burt Bacharach in what looks to be a fantastic group number.

It’s really hard to believe that Glee has hit 700 musical numbers already. Lea Michele actually tears up talking about it, and to be honest I’m right there with her. Before season 6 aired I was loudly proclaiming that I wouldn’t miss Glee at all.

However, recent episodes have torn that argument to shreds and now I find myself dreading the end. They have introduced some fantastic newbies, Jane Lynch is completely on point as Sue Sylvester, Samchel looks to be happening (yay!) and Klaine are killing us all. What’s not to love?

This looks to be a great week for Brittana shippers, Klainers need to hold on until next week as…SPOILER ALERT… there are rumours of another kiss. I hope the emergency services are on standby as my Twitter timeline will explode with feels all over again.