What’s Wrong With Sue? “The Rise And Fall Of Sue Sylvester” Pictures Show Something’s Not Right

Credit: Fox
Credit: Fox

What do we even say about Sue Sylvester at this point?

No. Seriously someone tell me what to say about this character because I got nothing. For seasons, she has shifted between friend and enemy. She has succeeded in dismantling the glee club and has, mostly, walked off scot free from any kind of punishment. She hates everyone and is fanatical in her pursuit against those who she despises.

Several times while watching the show, I had to wonder if we were delving into a woman’s psychosis by how utterly crazed and bizarre Sue acts. It’s a little weird and mostly terrifying, but that’s what we’ve come to expect from the character.

Honestly. Sue probably should have down “Karma Chameleon” at some point. It would have been an appropriate song for her.

Still the role brought Jane Lynch to prominence so I can’t complain too much.

But as a collective, theĀ Glee fandom would probably love to see Sue’s final crash and burn moment. Nothing was as satisfying as back in the season one episode “Sectionals” where she had finally gotten caught and punished for leaking the glee club’s set list. The only thing that has come close for me in this show to reach that is when Rachel’s career went down in flames in the beginning of this season.

In the upcoming episode “The Rise And Fall Of Sue Sylvester”, it looks like that karma has probably finally caught up with Sue. In recently released pictures from the episode, we see her burning her Cheerios things, looking forlorn, and, for some reason, hanging out with Vocal Adrenaline (hard to tell but I think I see Max George’s head). So whatever happened must have been baaaaad.

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Also something is up with Rachel because she’s on the phone and looking really freaked out? Did she hear back from that musical she auditioned for?

Does that mean Sue will be Vocal Adrenaline’s new coach following Will Schuester quitting his job with them? Didn’t she already try that career path? What’s going on? What happened?

We’ll find out on March 6th at 9pm EST on Fox.

Bec Heim