We’re A Little Bit Excited: First Photo Of Tom Hiddleston In High Rise Released!

Empire Magazine
Empire Magazine

One of 2015’s most anticipated films has been Ben Wheatley’s adaptation of the JG Ballard novel High Rise.  Today Empire Magazine UK has revealed a world exclusive, releasing the first official photo from the movie.  The still shows one of the stars Tom Hiddleston, who plays the anti-hero Dr Robert Laing, in a glass elevator.

The magazine teased fans with this tweet two hours before the big announcement

They then revealed at 2pm Uk time this image than eager fans have been waiting for.

High Rise is set in England in 1975, an era just prior to Thatchers rise to lead the country. The new high rise is seen as a desired community to live in and Hiddleston’s Laing, a young doctor, is seduced by the lifestyle it offers.  It is an isolated community cut off from the rest of society, living in luxury created by architect Anthony Royal, played by Jeremy Irons.  The lavish life of cocktail parties and social niceties soon take a savage turn, with marauding attacks on imagined ‘enemy floors’ and wanton death and destruction. All the residents, including Laing, slowly give in to their more base animal instincts and the building becomes a Lord-Of-The-Flies style struggle of violent tribes.

Laing befriends Richard Wilder, played by a moustached Luke Evans, who is a documentary film-maker. Wilder resides on the lowly second floor and he prefers to provoke the class injustices inherent in the high-rise.

The film, from Hanway Films and Studio Canal, is at the moment being sold at the Berlin Film Festival.  Which means we should have release dates soon; which in turn means trailers to get a real sense of what Wheatley has done with this actually rather short novel.

Alongside Hiddleston, Evans and Irons the film also has Sienna Miller as Royal’s aide Charlotte. Keeley Hawes plays Royal’s wife Ann and Elisabeth Moss is Richard’s wife Helen Wilder .

Wheatley, who has  directed of the likes of Kill List and  Sightseers as well as episodes of perennial favourite Doctor Who, has provided us with his first major film release in nearly 2 years.  With this story adapted by Amy Jump who worked with Wheatley on all his previous films, and is in fact married to the director, it promises to be a dark and murky vision of the human condition

Wheaatly spoke with Empire back in 2013 and says “The book makes as much sense now as it did then,…. written in the ’70s, projecting itself into a near future, but we live in that future now. We’re almost in a new version of the ’70s.”

Empire Magazine has promised another exclusive photo and more from stars Hiddleston and Evans in its next issue, which hits stand on February 27






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