The New Directions 3.0 Gets A Chance To Shine In “Child Star” On This Week’s Glee

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Hello Gleeks!

Last week, fans of certain couples have had their long awaited double wedding. Now this week, it seems like the New Directions 3.0 are taking center stage with their own stories.

I’m down with that. I want to see more about these characters in the limited amount of time we have before the series ends. I like all of New Directions 3.0 a lot.

And there’s a boy this week that is, as far as I can figure, the love child of Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel. This character is either going to be really good or really annoying. I’m good either way and I like his nice clear voice from the song recording.

Let’s see what New Directions 3.0 get up to this week, shall we?


Principal Sue Of The Year: Sue shows the Superintendent around the school where he is very impressed by the test scores and all the changes, even the hallway drones. There is a double purpose to this visit, as Sue wants to submit herself for Principal of the Year. She has all the paperwork filled and a letter for him to sign so she can submit herself for consideration. Before that happens, however, the Superintendent does have a favor to ask.

Oh My God Myron: Sue’s favor for the Superintendent is to bring in Myron, his nephew, to the glee club in order for them to critique his performance for his bar mitzvah. He loves putting on a show and Myron is really talented. Myron kind of reminds me of Rachel Berry in her adorable awkward season one self, except he’s more willing for critiques. Then he fires the dancers for not smiling enough. He is also able to get the auditorium for his bar mitzvah and able to wrangle the New Directions into performing. Myron has also monopolized Sue’s time so she can get into the Superintendent’s good graces so he can sign her letter for the Principal of the Year award: having Sue pitch ideas, having her read him the Torah while he sleeps, and making her a back-up dancer. Sue, naturally, makes all the adults join her to save her humiliation. At his bar mitzvah, Myron has a weird freak out and locks himself into his “pod” which is stuck in the air and has uh soiled himself, which he has to go clean up (and apparently borrow some underwear?). After his bar mitzvah, it is revealed that Myron has transferred to McKinley from middle school due to his gifted talents. He flirts awkwardly with Kitty, who pushes off his advances, but promises him that he’ll always have a friend in the glee club.

(Deep Gusting Sigh): I guess that emotional purging from “The Hurt Locker” two-parter hasn’t totally gotten rid of Sue’s irrational hatred for Will. The two of them are at it again as he tries to teach her the steps at Myron’s bar mitzvah for their number. Will calls Sue out for doing all this and says that the reason she is taking Myron is because she still has a crush on the Superintendent. Sue says that she doesn’t know why Will is here given that he doesn’t work at McKinley anymore and that she got him a gig coaching a winning team, but he quit the job. It looks like Sue and Will are legitimately about to have a fistfight when the Superintendent walks in and tells them to get to the stage. After the bar mitzvah, Will says it must drive Sue insane that the Superintendent’s nephew is now a glee club member because it gives them a measure of protection. Sue vows to destroy Will Schuester and the glee club. It causes her to return to her Hurt Locker to prepare her newest plot of vengeance.

Legitimate Critique: Will tries to learn about the newbies from Rachel, except when he asks all these questions, Rachel doesn’t have answers. She says they are kind of quiet and drama free. Will says that she needs to put herself out there more in regards to getting to know these kids. He thinks that the bar mitzvah is the best way to do so. Apparently she does because Rachel looks shocked when the club has conflict in front of her. After the bar mitzvah, Rachel and Will have a talk where Will reveals how proud he is of her and the woman she is becoming. With that, they go to the New Directions 3.0 with eight members strong for rehearsal.

Fitness and Love: It’s the Presidential Fitness Test, and Sue wants McKinley to do their best to make her look good. Of course, poor Roderick is struggling to keep up with everything. Sue starts berating and humiliating him on the rope while Sheldon tries a kinder approach. Spencer, since he is in the same glee club as Roderick, feels embarrassed and confronts him after. Roderick says that he would love any help that Spencer offers him. Spencer, at first, says no but then he changes his mind when he sees that Roderick’s friends with a cute guy, Alistair, he has a crush on. So he acts all buddy-buddy to cozy up to Alistair, but Spencer’s flirting skills are not so great. Roderick and Spencer work out a deal where he’ll help Roderick pass the PFT while Roderick helps him win over his crush. As they train, Spencer tries the tough love approach on Roderick except it doesn’t work due to Roderick’s experiences in the past of being bullied due to his weight. Meanwhile, Spencer’s tough guy act doesn’t mesh with Roderick leading him to call Spencer a dick and saying that’s why his friend doesn’t like Spencer. Their fighting spills over into glee club when Spencer calls Roderick a quitter and Roderick, again, calls Spencer a dick. Later, when Myron is stuck in his “stage pod” in the rafters and they can’t get him down, Spencer volunteers Roderick to climb up and free him. He admits that he wasn’t the “right kind of dick” that Roderick needed. And Roderick just kind of goes “oh what the hell” and finds the inner strength to climb up the rope to free Myron. Spencer is hella proud of Roderick telling him that with the right motivation even children can lift cars, and Roderick admits that he wasn’t so bad. The two of them now have each other’s backs as friends and go out to stall time so Myron can freshen himself up from his scare in the pod. Spencer returns to the choir room to see Alistair their jamming on his ukulele. Alistair says that Roderick told him to stop by and that he wouldn’t want to miss Spencer in action. Spencer is embarrassed but please by it saying he’s glad he can. Alistair says that it’s nice to see Spencer’s not an asshole under the jacket and ridiculous hotness. They flirt and Spencer asks if he wants to join glee club, Alistair says that he’s not sure. When Spencer kisses him, however, he is pretty convinced to join. After the bar mitzvah, Roderick thanks Spencer for his help and reveals he has been eating better and working out. Spencer says that he and Alistair are taking it slow and hanging out. They promise to have each other’s backs.

Janson? Mane? And Madison Makes Three: Mason really likes Jane and wants to teach her how to eat her feelings when she gets a C on her math test. He thinks it’s a prime opportunity for a date, but there’s just one problem: his twin sister. Madison is apparently a bit controlling, acting as a parent due to their parents being a bit free spirited/performance obsessed. Mason goes to Roderick and Spencer for help, needing someone to keep Madison distracted as he tries to woo Jane over. Neither of them, however, seems very interested in it. When Rachel and Will propose a chance to think of songs for Myron’s bar mitzvah, Mason tries to snag a chance with Jane when Madison stops him. Later, Mason tries again and Jane says that if Roderick and Madison don’t mind switching partners, then she’s good to go. Except it doesn’t go that well with Madison who yells at Mason and reveals he ate sugar free gummi bears and got diarrhea. Jane, not wanting to come between them, says they should just stick with their original partners. After a performance at the bar mitzvah, Mason and Madison have a legitimate adult talk with each other. Madison admitting that she was proud of him and that she was scared about not being special to her brother. Mason says he loves her and wants her in his life, but he wants to make room for other people. And Madison admits that is probably the healthy thing and she likes the thought that she can have breathing room, too. They hug and it’s really sweet.

Bec’s Random Observations

Jane and Mason are such dorks. I love it.

“Is there another alum coming this week?” “Can’t we just get a ladder?” I love Kitty. She points everything out flawlessly.

Too bad we couldn’t have had seasons of these newbies versus thirteen episodes. I really like them a lot. Fanfic writers! Ready your stations!


“Lost My Breath” sung by Myron Muskovitz: J.J. Totah is one insanely talented young man with a nice high and clear voice. And all that dancing? The kid is talented by like hella times ten. The only reason this isn’t an A+ is because I just didn’t like the costumes. Everything else was spectacular. A

“Friday I’m In Love” sung by Spencer Porter: Marshall Williams was adorable in this song. Spencer just looked so happy and giddy with his crush. I also loved how it was shot too, with a lot fun things in the gym and paper hearts intercut with him just dancing around the choir room like a dork or following his crush. With another person, it could have been like creepy as hell, but Williams made it genuinely a charming performance. A-

“I Want To Break Free” sung by Mason McCarthy: There was like some weird interference thing on my end. So I feel like I came in the middle of the song. Still what I saw I really liked. Glee has been hit or miss with Queen songs because it’s hard to top Freddie Mercury if you’re anyone but Adam Lambert. Billy Lewis Jr, however, gives an admirable try. It was fun and charming and he made all those tween girls swoon. He has stage presence to spare. B+

“Uptown Funk” sung by Jane, Roderick, and Spencer with New Directions 3.0: Perfection. You can’t mess up this song. This song is pure joy personified. I loved the dancing. I loved how this was shot. I loved the random breakdancing thirteen year olds. I loved how Noah Guthrie, Samantha Ware, and Marshall Williams sounded together. There was nothing wrong with this song. A+

“Break Free” sung by Myron Muskovitz, Rachel Berry, Sam Evans, Sue Sylvester, Will Schuester, Sheldon Beiste, and New Directions 3.0: I’m not a big fan of the original version. It may have tainted my judgment a little bit. That said, it was a fun performance, and everyone sounded really good together. The dancing was good. The singers were great. I just am not a huge fan of the song and would have appreciated a different arrangement here like they did with “Wake Me Up” last season. Still a good song and performance though. B+

“Cool Kids” sung by New Directions 3.0: This song is one of my favorites of 2014. It reminded me of the numbers in season one with everyone wearing similar colored shirts and choreography on the stage. It was very nostalgic but also new because it was divided evenly amongst the new members. There was a real sense of fun and joy here that I just absolutely loved. A+

Bec Heim