The “Canaries” Battle It Out This Week On Arrow

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This special recap of Arrow’s episode “Canaries” is brought to you straight from Frankfurt Airport as I am traveling this beautiful Thursday, fueled on Red Bull. Quite a lot happened this week, some of it monumentally changed the show as it is. Let’s get this started!

Vertigo is back on the market.
After escaping police custody the new (and improved?) Count Vertigo is hoping to bring his mind-altering drug back on the market. Laurel quick to take matters into her own hands, confronts Zytle and promptly gets injected with Vertigo. Her hallucinations feature not only her dead sister Sara but also her father. In the end it is Laurel who defeats the Count with her bare hands. It looks a lot like the baddie is dead and that will surely have consequences for Laurel and her fragile state of mind. She still has a long way to go, but she finally realized that she does not need to follow in her sister’s footsteps to become a hero. At the end of the episode Laurel finally comes clean and tells her father about Sara’s death. I’m not going to lie, I cried a lot. Captain Lance has dealt with too much loss, he deserves happiness and rainbows, and everything that is good in life.

Thea knows! And kind of approves…?
I am surprised at how willingly Oliver brought his sister into the secret. For the past three years he has been hell-bent on not telling her that he is hunting criminals with a bow and arrow, but Malcolm seems to have a hold on him. Not that I don’t approve, because I do. I’m glad Thea knows, she is more than capable of dealing with it all. And if her recent training has been any indication, she can be a valuable asset to Oliver and his crusade. Secrets have been what’s poisoned the Queen family in the first place. I am wondering how far Thea will be included in Team Arrow in the future. Oliver has been pretty vocal about keeping her out of it, even banning her from the foundry, but for how long?

Roy speaks up.
… and changes the dynamic of Team Arrow in the process. Both Roy and Felicity make sure Oliver knows that things have changed while he was presumed dead. That he was not only absent, but gone forever and that the Team had to find a way to move forward. And now that they did, they will not go back to following Oliver’s lead. No surprise the man himself did not approve. A lot of man pain ensued, but no one does man pain better than Stephen Amell.

Oliver almost made it home five years ago.
The show’s flashbacks always provide information, but in this episode they did so in a big way. During his time in Hong Kong Oliver had been able to contact his mother and left a heart-breaking message that sadly never reached her. He told her he would be coming home. Waller made sure he would, but not in the way he could have expected. One thing we know for sure though: next episode’s flashbacks will take place in Starling City!

Thea enters the foundry – one of my favorite moments as Thea finally gets to know her brother’s secret. And Roy’s. I’m patiently waiting for them to find their way back to each other.

Canary vs Canary – I just missed Caity Lotz too much and was happy to have her back. More please.

Ras’ spy is discovered – This sounds horrible but I was never a fan of Chase as a character and he had served his purpose. I am not too upset that he is gone now.

Female friendships – Yes to more Laurel and Felicity. Forget about Lauriver or Olicity, give me those two instead!

Favorite Quote
“Oliver you were gone, dead, at least we thought you were and we had to go on with our lives. And doing that meant not doing things your way. […] [You being back] doesn’t mean that we can go back and you do not have the right to come back here and question everyone’s choices.”
– Felicity Smoak

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