Thanks For The Glee-mories: Kirsty’s Glee Goodbye

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From the very first time I watched Glee, my favourite character had to be Kurt Hummel. His voice, his attitude, his fighting spirit just drew me in and as the show has progressed, wow Chris Colfer has continued to blow me away with his portrayal of Kurt. The journey Kurt has gone through is amazing, and Colfer has reduced me to tears so many times as I have watched Kurt go from a scared boy to a confident, out, open, and now married man!

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My other favourite will not be a surprise to anyone who knows me, one Blaine “Warbler” Anderson, and who knew when we first met him in season 2 just what a big part of the show, and Kurt’s life, he would become. Blaine’s own journey from dapper private school boy to the man that Kurt would marry is just as important to me, and Darren Criss has made me shed many a tear as well. Kurt and Blaine on their own are amazing. However, put them together and Klaine is a partnership which just makes me laugh and cry in equal measure.

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Credit: tumblr

Of course I need to make a special mention to the coolest dad in TV history, one Burt Hummel. Everyone loves Burt and his relationship with Kurt is just fantastic, heartfelt, and honest.

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Credit: tumblr


Season 2’s episode “Never Been Kissed” is one of my favourite episodes and not just because it is where Kurt meets Blaine for the first time. The scene where Kurt finally confronts his bully Dave Karofsky and how it ends in a way that no one ever expected is still one of the most powerful things Glee has done for me. Colfer and Max Adler’s performances in that scene were phenomenal. However, it will forever have a special place in my heart for that line, “Oh, excuse me. Um, hi. Can I ask you a question? I’m new here”. Who knew that Kurt’s poor attempt at spying on the Warblers would lead us to one of the most epic episodes ever in the season 5 premiere “Love, Love, Love”? We had the music of The Beatles, we had Klaine reuniting and we got the most amazing proposal ever. Blaine’s proposal was awesome. But what is a proposal without a wedding?

Last week, watching Klaine FINALLY getting back together AGAIN and ending the episode as husband and husband has made “A Wedding” my new favourite episode. Watching these men declare their love for each other and Burt officiating just ticked all the boxes. God I will miss Klaine when we say goodbye to Glee in four weeks.

I have so many favourite performances. I love every time they perform “Don’t Stop Believing”, and the many Klaine duets are amongst my most played songs on iTunes, but for me three songs forever stick in my mind.

When I first saw “Teenage Dream” sung by Darren Criss as Blaine Anderson I was instantly hooked. Like Kurt, Blaine won my heart with that one song and I know I am not alone in that.

Discovering Chris Colfer’s amazing voice is one of the best things about Glee for me and I love his NYADA audition piece in “Choke”. “Not The Boy Next Door” allowed Colfer to show his full vocal range and those dance moves… well there are no words.

Ending the series on a high was “Somebody Loves You” where we get to see a playful Klaine and the vocals were just spot on.

So goodbye to Glee. Thank you for the tears, the laughter, and the many amazing friends I have made thanks to being a Gleek.

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