Pass The Marmalade Sandwiches: Paddington Sequel Is In the Works

Pass The Marmalade Sandwiches: Paddington Sequel Is In the Works
Credit: StudioCanal

A Paddington sequel is in the works, it has been confirmed. StudioCanal revealed their plans to Variety, and the news was then reaffirmed by Paddington director Paul King at the BAFTAs.

Paddington has proven to be a huge hit, grossing more than $200 million at the global box office, making it the biggest family-film ever released by a non-US studio.

Of course, original creator and author Michael Bond wrote many adventures for the little bear, and King told Digital Spy that he would like to explore those stories more.

“We’d love to do another one, there’s lots of Paddington books and source material,” he said. “He a great character to write for and direct so I’d love to do more. I really hope we can make it happen.”

StudioCanal chairman Olivier Courson told Variety that as well as plans for a Paddington sequel, the success of the film has now opened up further possibilities.

“Obviously, the result on Paddington is a strong incentive to us and the partners on the movie to work on a sequel, and a strong incentive for StudioCanal to continue in this area (of ambitious family movies).”

He went on to add: “Paddington has been our biggest bet. Even the development costs, such as creating the bear, were significant. But it shows we can be ambitious in this area of family entertainment, even if it brings us into more direct competition with U.S. studios.”

He also revealed that this success could see the studio releasing “one or two” big family films per year.

This comes as very welcome news to me, and I never thought I’d be writing those words! I have adored Paddington since I was a little girl and when I first saw the CGI bear for the film, I was horrified. I moaned to anyone who would listen about how they had ruined him, he was not the bear of my childhood and it was all wrong, every last bit of it.

But, I have children. Children who were desperate to see the film and so, eventually, I relented. Guess what? I thoroughly enjoyed it. Paddington is great. He is funny, cheeky, caring and kind and the Brown family work wonderfully together. Nicole Kidman made a great villain and Julie Walters steals the show as Mrs Bird (I won’t give her best moment away, but it involves whiskey).

It gave me and my children real belly laughs and there is no better mark of a film’s enjoyment level. In all honesty, I still don’t think of film Paddington as the bear from my childhood, but even so, the film is fantastic fun and I welcome news of a sequel.