Oliver Is Faced With An Interesting Offer In “Nanda Parbat” On This Week’s Arrow

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

I’ll start with the bad news: Arrow, just like The Flash, will be on a short break after tonight’s episode. Damn hiatus! The good news?

Tonight’s episode, “Nanda Parbat” was quite fantastic. Shocking, twisty and somewhat unexpected.

Trouble in Paradise
During the last few episodes, Laurel has quite easily adjusted to working with Team Arrow. She functioned really well alongside Diggle and Roy. Even Felicity has become a friend to the newborn vigilante. Ever since Oliver returned, there has been tension. It is Oliver’s decision to rescue Malcolm Merlyn from the League, which causes Laurel to finally explode. The few scenes that Katie had in this episode were emotional and heavy, but perfectly executed. Glad to see Laurel’s character is on the right way. But I am sad to see that Oliver’s poor decisions keep breaking Team Arrow apart. Felicity is busy with helping Ray, Roy is focused on taking care of Thea. Laurel refuses to help the man who is responsible for her sister’s death. John Diggle to the rescue! But can the team survive this season in the constellation it presents now?

The Next Ra’s al Ghul
When Thea gives Merlyn up to the League of Assassins, he is promptly taken to Nanda Parbat. Ra’s al Ghul is not a merciful man, and there are rough times ahead for Malcolm by the end of the episode. To save his sister the guilt of being responsible for her father’s certain death, Oliver decides to travel to Nanda Parbat and face Ra’s himself. With Diggle in tow, he fights his way into Ra’s fortress. Ultimately, Oliver is captured. Instead of being killed, Oliver is faced with a tempting offer: take Ra’s place. I am not surprised that Oliver is practically forced to join the League. I have been expecting it ever since they introduced Ra’s. How exactly will he handle that offer? What does it say about Oliver, if he actually considers it? And how will it affect the Arrow and the team’s mission? So many questions…

The Atom Rises
For the sake of everyone I’m keeping the dirty jokes to myself. There is a  lot of Ray and Felicity interaction in this episode, and I am not even mad about it. Until Oliver gets his head out of his colon (who is the genius that comes up with those lines?!), Felicity should have a chance at finding a little happiness. If Ray is ready to give her the attention another certain man refuses to give, then so be it. Those two taking a big step forward in their relationship is not the only rapid development on that front. Ray has finally managed to finish the ATOM suit and promptly left Felicity behind to test it out. Men and their toys. I’d be lying if I said I was impressed, I think I just expected more from it. The suit itself is pretty great, and I liked the reveal. Here’s the issue: Ray flying through the air like that would have been cool on The Flash, on Arrow it felt misplaced and simply off.

Oliver Hates Boats
After last week’s episode was very heavily intercepted by flashbacks, this week’s episode disappointed on that front. After being interrogated again, Oliver is set free to go back home or wherever else he pleases. I would suggest a visit to the hairdresser first, that wig is hideous. Of course it was all a set-up. We already know that Oliver did not make it home for good. What will happen next?

It’s hard to find one single MVP for this episode, because every character had a fantastic moment. But overall it was Team Arrow that dominated the episode: Diggle, who is being a fantastic father, husband and friend; Felicity who is finally taking control and going for what she wants; Roy and Thea, who are finding comfort in each other and Laurel, who is standing up for herself.

Is that the Lazarus Pit? – and how old is Ra’s al Ghul, exactly?
Laurel fights Malcolm – or rather tries to. It’s sad to see how hard she has to try to keep up with him. You overestimated yourself, sweetheart.
Nyssa is kicking ass – throughout the episode she proves that she is the most badass female on that show. Please more.
Roy and Thea are bonding – and it’s beautiful. These two will definitely find their way back to each other. And maybe they will form a I-killed-someone-and-didn’t-remember-it-club.
JOHN DIGGLE! – Oh, how I have missed John Diggle with the little screen time he had in the past few episodes. I especially  enjoyed his scenes with Oliver. Give me more of those boys and make them happy.
Felicity’s one-liners – they are just my favorite part of every episode. Such a sweet and adorable character.

Favorite Quote
“I always assumed that if I got married again, that Andy would be by my side. When I lost my brother I never thought I’d get another one. So pretending for a moment that we aren’t two dead men chained to the floor, how do you feel about being my best man?”
– John Diggle

Arrow returns March 18 at 8/7 ct on The CW.

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