Neil Patrick Harris Admits He’s Nervous About Hosting The Oscars

Like many people, I feel nervous talking in front of strangers let alone famous people, so I don’t know how Neil Patrick Harris manages to get through hosting some of the biggest award shows on the planet. Especially this year as he will be hosting the Oscars, but Neil has revealed the only reason he would be nervous hosting is if he was also nominated. Which if you think about it, makes a lot of sense, as there must be a little less pressure if you weren’t nominated.

Credit: Hypable
Credit: Hypable

Neil wrote an article for T Magazine about hosting the Oscars and how he feels about it. In the piece, he writes, “I’ll admit that I’m nervous to host, but it’s mush less pressure that being a nominee, having to go down a red carpet filled with prognosticators saying, ‘I think it’s your night! I can smell it!’ Then you’re sitting in your chair, your heart’s pounding and you have 15 names that you can pray to God you don’t forget – and your name’s not called. Or, even stranger, your name is called, and you’re blinded by adrenaline and panic. That’s much more nerve-racking to me than going out and saying, ‘Our next two presenters are the stars of this movie, please welcome Brad and Angelina.’”  After reading Neil’s version of what goes through actors heads during awards shows if their nominated, does anyone still think that being an actor at an award show is great fun?

At the beginning of the piece, the actor also spoke about watching the awards with his family, saying, “we would print out ballots, write down our predictions and see who won. As I got older, our viewing parties had more of a gambling slant – same ballot, different stakes. Now they just involve more drinking, and when it’s at my house, there’s a lot of Velveeta and Pace Picante.” Sounds like one of the better awards parties if you ask me!

This years Academy Awards will take place on Feb 22, with the event being aired live on ABC. The Grand Budapest Hotel and Birdman lead the nominations.

Kayleigh Falvey