Letter From The E-I-C: The Super Bowl Makes Me Miss The 90’s And Love Chris Evans

Credit: Nina Dobrev's Whosay
Credit: Nina Dobrev’s Whosay

Hello readers!

Another week has passed in pop-culture, and this past weekend, a sports event took the centerstage. It look like everyone everywhere had Super Bowl fever, and the entertainment world was no exception, especially Chris Evans.

I will preface this part by saving I had already pledged my allegiance to Captain America, his character, but now his portrayer, Chris Evans, has won a place in my heart. He and his fellow Marvel family member and coworker, Chris Pratt had a bet going for weeks about the outcome of the Superbowl since both their teams made it (Evans won, by the way).

He outdid himself though by always being a gracious winner and doing his part of the bet and is going to visit the children’s hospital requested by Pratt in the end. He really is Captain America.

Adding to that epic display of humanity was the video that was released by Jimmy Fallon recently, which featured both Evans and Pratt doing some pretty amazing photobombs. Who doesn’t love a man with a sense of humor?

Aside from all the offscreen fun with Evans, the Superbowl had me feeling quite nostalgic this year, especially with its Halftime show. Katy Perry was at the center of it all but it was her guests that had me longing for 90’s as she brought with her both Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot.

Perry crushed her part of the spectacular show but Elliot and Kravitz had me wishing the 90’s were back music wise. Elliot, for the most part, had this fan dancing around in her living room, putting her “thang down, flip it, and reversed it.” Kravitz showed the world that he still has it, swag and all. All in all, it was an amazing show put on by all, and I was pleased. Can Missy be in every halftime show from now?

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