Lego Movie Creators Say Batman Spin-off Film Will “Explore The World Of Gotham”

Lego Movie Creators Say Batman Spin-off Film Will "Explore The World Of Gotham"
Credit: Warner Bros


If you’re anything like me, you will have been thrilled that The Lego Movie won Best Animated Feature at the BAFTAs on Sunday. Although it beat my favourite (and in my opinion, much stronger) Big Hero 6, The Lego Movie really is an awesome film, and deserved some recognition of sorts, having been cruelly and shockingly snubbed in the Oscar nominations.

Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and producer Dan Lin were on the BAFTA red carpet and spoke to Digital Spy about their upcoming sequel, plus the Batman spin-off movie, and their Oscar performance.

Yes, that’s right, The Lego Movie song, “Everything is Awesome”, by Tegan and Sara and Lonely Island is nominated for Best Song, and they’ll be performing it at the ceremony.

Lord and Miller wouldn’t give anything away, but they did promise it will be the “craziest performance at the Oscars.” Bring it on, is what I say! The Academy needs a sharp reminder of what it missed!

The trio also discussed the much anticipated Lego Batman Movie. When asked if having Batman as a central character gave them licence to use other DC characters, Lord nodded, before saying again that they didn’t want to spoil, but he did reveal that the film will “further explore the world of Gotham.” Hmm. Lego Joker, anyone?

Oh, and good news for fans of our little caped crusader, his singing skills will also be fully utilised in the spin-off. Can’t wait for that!

As for the sequel, The Lego Movie 2 as it is currently known, well, that is about “thirty pages in”, apparently, but as producer Dan Lin pointed out, “It’s not due out until 2018.”

Yes, we have a while to wait but you know what? Awesome takes time. Batman will come in between times though, so all is not lost and of course, we have that “crazy” Oscar performance to look forward to.