Lady Gaga Stuns In Oscar Tribute To The Sound Of Music

Lady Gaga Stuns In Oscar Tribute To The Sound Of Music
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I’ll be honest. I didn’t watch the Oscars this year. I really don’t know what was nominated or who won (other than the adorable Eddie Redmayne). I don’t really know who performed, save for the goddess, Lady Gaga.

Yes, I said goddess. I know that Lady Gaga has been recognized primarily for her off stage antics and oddities. Not to mention her over the top performances and odd choice of fashion, but that’s her persona. That’s her performing alter ego. Lady Gaga is not Stefani Germanotta and vice versa. She made sure of that when she burst onto the scene with “Just Dance” and “Poker Face”.

However, I think with her growing eccentricities we, as passing fans tired of the weirdness, have forgotten that despite her pop roots, Lady Gaga is a classically trained artist and she truly showed her range last night at the Oscars where she performed (to near perfection) a medley of the songs from The Sound of Music.

I could critique her performance if I really wanted to but I won’t because although the medley perhaps didn’t flow as well as it should have, she was all Stefani Germanotta and no Lady Gaga. It was beautiful, well rounded and I cried. It was gorgeous.

Not only that but she looked gorgeous too; understated and happy. It was a rough year for the artist last year, but this year is shaping up to be a good one, starting with this stellar performance. The fans think so too, and praise has poured in from Twitter and Facebook and she even got a well deserved standing ovation for the performance.

In other words, she brought the house down and proved her haters wrong. Don’t believe me? Watch the performance below and see for yourself. Even the queen herself, Julie Andrews, was blown away.

I think we should petition NBC to redo the Sound of Music Live with her as Maria.

Watch and comment with your thoughts below as I watch the video for the umpteenth time today. Enjoy!

Shelby Arnold
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