Kevin McHale Talks About Final Glee Episodes And Paying Tribute to Finn

Credit: Fox/Tommy Garcia
Credit: Fox/Tommy Garcia

We only have five more episodes before we bid a final farewell to Glee, and Kevin McHale has been talking about the upcoming final episodes.

In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, McHale who plays Artie Abrams said that he was happy with the way that Ryan Murphy and his writers have chosen to end the show, and he hopes that fans will feel the same way. “I’m satisfied. I was reading it and the last two episodes are airing back-to-back, so it’s kinda this double whammy all at the end. I think [viewers will] be happy. I was happy. They tie up a lot of great storylines and you get to see these people in a new light and follow their journey. These characters have gone through a lot and I think there’s a good payoff at the end.”

We do know that the ending that we will be watching on March 20 is not the original ending that Murphy had in mind for the show, however following the sudden death of Cory Monteith in 2013 changes have had to be made. McHale was quick to say that Monteith and his character Finn Hudson will have a place in the final episodes, which is something that many fans were hoping would be the case. After all, Finn Hudson was a huge part of the Glee club and to not acknowledge this fact would not sit well with the fans; “I think [Finn] is always remembered and especially at a time like this at the very end, there will definitely be some sort of mention of him. He’ll be involved in some way.”

McHale is prepared for the emotions of the show ending to hit all the cast and he said that although he thinks all the cast and crew will “be a mess” he fully expects Lea Michele to be one of the most emotional.  He also revealed that he hopes he can get a special souvenir to remember his time on the show; Artie’s wheelchair. “”I’m going to [steal the wheelchair], I’m absolutely going to. I already asked Jenna if I could fit it into her car. She has a bigger car than I do.”

We know that filming on the show is due to finish tomorrow (Saturday), and the final group number was filmed on Thursday with many familiar faces returning including Naya Rivera, Harry Shum Jr, and Dianna Agron to name a few.  In fact in a picture shared today on Twitter by producer Brad Fulchuk we can see that many of the cast have returned for the final farewell to the show.

Once filming on Glee wraps at the weekend, McHale is London bound as filming on season 2 of the UK panel show Virtually Famous starts next week, and I can’t wait to see what all the cast will be up to next.

At the beginning of the season I thought I was ready to say goodbye to the show, however with the realisation that many of the “final” moments have already been filmed, such as the final group number yesterday, and the final Klaine scenes being filmed today I am suddenly not so sure. In the meantime we still have a few more weeks to prepare ourselves, and of course this evening we have “A Wedding” or two to attend so remember to come back and check out the recap of the episode here later tonight.

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