Katy Perry Gets The Kardashian Treatment In New Proposed Mobile Game


Were you as addicted to the Kim Kardashian app game as I was? Are you a Katy Perry fan? Well if the answers are yes, then you’re definitely in for a treat.

The good news is that Glu Mobile who created the popular Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game, has said that it will be developing a new mobile game with pop sensation Katy Perry. Perry recently performed at the Super Bowl.

According to Billboard, Glu reported that the Kardashian game brought in $74.3 million in 2014, making the game its best seller. Due to this success, gaining on-board another American star seems like a sure way to keep those profits coming.

The company who are based in San Francisco have said that the game will create a likeness to singer Katy Perry, including her own voice. This was also the case in regards to Kim Kardashian, so I’m hoping that this new game will be along the same lines.

In Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, players can create a character who seeks fame worldwide. Starting in America your character takes part in modelling and filming jobs, earning them popularity and money to buy property and new fashions. Gradually you can work your way up to being an A-Lister, making contacts along the way, and going on dates. Kim Kardashian also appears as a character in the game, who gets you work and invites to parties.

A lucky guess would be that seeing as the Katy Perry game is going to be based on a similar premise. Perhaps we will get to create a character who is trying to pursue a singing career, and gets mentored by Perry herself as a character in the game. It will also be interesting to see whether or not any of her songs are able to be featured as that hasn’t been mentioned.

Katy Perry has already had success branding editions of The Sims 3, so as a fan I’m hoping that this new direction of game takes off and doesn’t disappoint. There’s no official name for it yet, but Glu hope to launch the game by the end of the year. It will be available on Apple and Android mobile devices.