Jane Lynch Talks About Glee’s “Fitting End”

Jane Lynch Talks About Glee's "Fitting End"
Credit: FOX


Love her or loathe her, Sue Sylvester has been a central part of Glee ever since the pilot. Her soft talking… No, wait. Her unique take on life coupled with her hard talking, often brutal insults combine to make her, in my opinion, one of the best TV comedy characters ever.

Over the years, Jane Lynch has delivered time and again not only on the comedy front, but also on the emotion. We have watched as Sue had cheerios fired from a cannon, as she landed her own unique news segment (“That’s How Sue C’s It”), as she lost her sister, married herself and gave birth to Robin, her daughter who has Downs Syndrome and who is, apparently, fathered by Michael Bolton.

Or is she?

Bolton himself will appear in the upcoming episode, “The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester,” though it seems like Sue’s tale about him might not be all that it seems.

“Unfortunately, I don’t actually don’t have any scenes with Michael Bolton,” Lynch tells TV Line. “There’s an exposé done on Sue Sylvester, and he pops up on the screen to basically just say he has no idea who I am. That’s the father of my child!”

Oh wow! Well, whatever the conclusion is to that story, I seriously cannot wait to see Bolton’s appearance!

Lynch went on to talk about the rest of the show, which has now finished filming for its final season, and dropped some hints about where some of our favourites might end up. We know that Jesse St James (Jonathan Groff) is back for the finale, so does this mean Samchel is not endgame?

“There really is no Sam-Rachel relationship. I think they’re just friends. That’s all there is.”

Lynch describes the end of the show as “quite fitting,” and the final episode will give us a glimpse five years into the future.

“It’s a great ending,” Lynch says. “We jump five years ahead in the couple scenes of the last episode, so we’ll find out where all the kids are. Where Sue Sylvester ends up is pretty remarkable; I think people will really love it.”

While I am sad the show will be over, I really cannot wait to see where this flash forward takes us, and Lynch’s comments about where Sue ends up have me more than a little intrigued.