It’s All About The Girls In This Week’s Mr Selfridge

It's All About The Girls In This Week's Mr Selfridge
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There was a change of direction for Mr Selfridge last night, as we became focused less on real life historical events, and more on family drama. While I did miss the War focus, I really enjoyed some of the revelations that took place.

What You Need To Know:

  • Who Will Get A Promotion?: With Agnes and Henri gone (sob!), the store needs a new head of display and a new store deputy. Gordon Selfridge decides he is not ready for the role, while Mr Grove decides he is. Meanwhile, Miss Mardle is urged to apply by her colleague. When she mentions it to Mr Grove, he points out that it’s really no job for a woman. She asks Harry what he thinks and he tells her he would be happy for her to apply (go Miss Mardle!). However, Grace then convinces Gordon he should apply too, and when he tells his dad, Harry gives him the job on the spot. Hardly fair, is it?
  • Kitty Returns To Work: After she was attacked by the drunken ex-servicemen, Kitty puts a brave face on and returns to Selfridges. All seems to be going well, until Connie Hawkins talks to a journalist about the attack. A sensationalised article is published, and Kitty is more than a little hurt. Meanwhile, Frank is let off charges for buying alcohol out of hours. Though it’s a relief, their marriage still seems under great strain.
  • Grandma Selfridge Turns Detective: She finds out that Princess De Bolatoff, aka Rosalie’s Mother-In-Law from hell, no longer owns an apartment and is in a huge amount of debt. She offers the Princess the chance to move in with the Selfridge family, on the understanding that she talks to Serge about his marriage to Rosalie. Hmm. Somehow, I think the Princess really hasn’t turned over a new leaf.
  • Who’s The Daddy?: Miss Mardle takes herself to visit Doris Grove. She apologises for their falling out the other week, and Doris reveals that Roger is not the father of her baby. She thought he might not return from war and had an affair. Now she has a son. This can only go from bad to worse, surely?
  • Girl Power: Harry is a good man, really. He writes a letter to the newspapers defending Kitty, he tells Miss Mardle she can apply for the store deputy job and he is employing Nancy Webb to design the Selfridge estate for him. He’s a feminist in his own way. However, Lord Loxley is on his tail once more. He calls a meeting with the old procurement committee and apologises for his behaviour during the war, when he used a cheap manufacturer to make soldiers’ boots. He goes on to say that there are too many foreigners in the country, taking British jobs, and there are women, wanting to vote (shock horror!) and work, forsaking their duties in the home. He sets up the Loxley Charitable Foundation for ex-servicemen, tapping into the mood of the nation, which seems to be a return to traditional values, rather than Harry’s more progressive view.
  • Victor Plays By The Rules: After the fiasco with Frank getting alcohol from his club, Victor decides he will stop paying bungs to the bent copper, and will instead abide by the law, which decrees that he can only sell alcohol between 6 and 9:30pm. Despite protests from the punters, and the annoyance of the bad cop, he sticks to his guns. Violette Selfridge comes to visit, and just as they’re getting it on in the office, the police raid the club. Led by the dodgy inspector, he sees no evidence of alcohol being served after hours, so he pours a drink and forces a female guest to drink it, therefore meaning he has the power to arrest everyone, including a half undressed Victor and Violette.
  • The Selfridge Estate Is Born: Nancy and Harry’s relationship is still going strong, and she introduces him to Mr Gerrard, the architect. Harry delivers a pitch to the press, detailing the 100 homes that will be built and sold at cost price to ex-servicemen and their families. All seems to be well, if expensive. However, that night we see Gerrard visiting Nancy in her home, and it appears the two are conspiring to steal the estate money from Harry. Oh dear.

Store Highlights:

  • This week really belonged to the girls. Amanda Abbington is simply divine as Miss Mardle. I was really cheering her on to get the deputy job, and I was disappointed when Harry gave it to his son instead.
  • Amy-Beth Hayes as Kitty Edwards turned in a sterling performance yet again, as did Lauren Rose Crace as Doris Grove. I am really looking forward to seeing where both storylines end up, but I am hopeful that Frank and Kitty can save their marriage.



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