Here Come The Girls: 4YE Talks to Glee’s Samantha Marie Ware

Credit: Playbill

Filming has already wrapped on the series finale of Glee. We’re really not okay about it and reading the cast and crew’s tweets and Instagram posts over this past weekend just made us dive head first into a bucket of ice cream.

However, season 6 has brought some real highlights with it, from fantastic music, to a fabulous double gay wedding, to the introduction of some great new characters.

As Jane Hayward, Samantha Marie Ware has helped bring a new lease of life to the New, New, New Directions. Her dancing skills, coupled with her amazing vocals, will surely prove to be invaluable as the McKinley High Glee Club make their way to sectionals.

That’s not where Jane started off, of course. First appearing in the episode “Homecoming,” Jane was attending the prestigious Dalton Academy, and auditioned to join the all-male Warblers with this amazing rendition of “Tightrope.”

However, the Warblers are still stuck in the dark ages, and refused Jane admission based on her gender, so she defected to McKinley and the New Directions instead, where she seems much more at home.

“Jane, like some of us, didn’t expect the turn in her journey when the Warblers denied her entry,” Samantha Marie Ware said.

“But like they say, ‘When one door closes….’ And voila, she found the perfect little comfy spot at McKinley High where she has been able to continue expressing her true self.”

Self-expression has been an important message for Glee over the years, whether it’s coming to terms with your sexuality, finding yourself through song or just accepting yourself in spite of your flaws, Glee is all about learning to stand up and say “This is who I am.”

The reason I have enjoyed the character of Jane so much is because she is a strong woman who is not afraid to chase her ambition. She serves as a great role model to young girls, and Ware emphasised the importance of seeing these characters on our screens.

“I get to play an exciting, strong, ambitious character. I think it’s very important for younger women to see a reflection of themselves in whatever they invest their time into. So if it is television and social media, it’s vital they have someone that appears as they do. From plus size models to little black girls with an ‘atomic cloud of hair,’ I believe the industry is rapidly changing for the better and I’m glad to be a part of that change.”

What’s been great about Glee is that all these life lessons have been taught in such a fun and vibrant way. Who can ever forget the performances of “Born This Way” or “Loser Like Me?”

Of course, music really is the heart of the show, and this season has been particularly stand out for me. Not only have the song choices been a perfect mix of old and new, familiar and unknown, but they have also used the musical numbers to tell the story, as well as our favourite show-stopping performances and fun dance numbers too.

The “Head Over Feet”/ “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” mash up performed by Jane and Mason in “Jagged Little Tapestry” has been one of my favourites from this season, and I can’t have been the only one who detected more than a hint of chemistry between the characters?

Well, Ware isn’t giving anything away, but Billy Lewis Jr. hinted that there is a messy love triangle involving Mason McCarthy coming up, which we might well see played out in this week’s episode, “Child Star,” where the ‘newbies’ are the focus.

So, what has been Ware’s favourite number to perform?

“I have a few favourite numbers,” she reveals. “My duet with Billy includes one of them and actually this week’s “Uptown Funk” number was a blast. Also the chance to sing with Noah Guthrie was exciting. I love that kid’s voice.”

I can confirm that “Uptown Funk” is amazing, and could well be one of my favourite covers that Glee has ever done. Take a listen below, and feel free to agree with me!

Away from Glee, Ware started her career on stage, and has been lucky enough to land some fantastic roles in national touring productions.

“Yeah, I started on stage. I left the Book Of Mormon first national tour around this time last year. Before then I was blessed to play the role of Nala in one of my favorites, The Lion King.”

I can only imagine how great it must have been to be part of both those shows, especially something as iconic as The Lion King. As for any future roles, Ware reveals she has one in mind.

“I’ve always been obsessed with Diana Ross as Dorothy in The Wiz,” she tells me. “It’s definitely a role I would love to play one of these days.”

Right now it seems as though the world is her oyster as Glee casts its alum out into the ether, so where does Samantha think life will take her?

“Who can tell? It’s the most exciting and scariest part of the journey. I have faith and I’m very excited to see what the universe has planned for my next adventure whether it be stage or film.

“Working on Glee has truly been a life changing experience. [It was] my first televised gig and the goodbye was definitely an emotional one. Although I’ve only been a part of this family for the last five months, I’m deeply honored to be a part of the Glee legacy.”

It has been a crazy, emotional and life changing ride for fans of the show too, and though we are sad it is coming to an end, in many ways it is only the beginning as we can now watch the stars of the show succeed beyond the halls of William McKinley High School.

I am sure, given her amazing vocal ability and her passion to see real women reflected as role models in the media, Samantha Marie Ware will go far.