God Bless (BBC) America! New Orphan Black Clips To Premiere All Week

image courtesy of People.com
Credit: People.com

Yes, you read that correctly. Every day this week, they are releasing a clip of Orphan Black’s season three! And, yes, that’s brand new footage for us, seestras!

If you’re unfamiliar with Orphan Black – in which case, shame on you! – it’s awesome! We follow the lives of a number (seriously, there’s no telling how many it will end up being) of clones as they try to learn who made them, who wants to kill them, and why both of those things are happening. It stars the incredibly talented Tatiana Maslany as, well, pretty much everyone.

Yesterday, they treated us to our first helping of season three goodness with a clip featuring our girl Sarah, aka “the wild one.” Not only that, but we’re treated to a little bit from one of our brand new Project Castor bros. It seems one of the major themes of the upcoming season is going to be the clones re-claiming their agency. After all, Sarah says it best: “I am not your property.”

Based on those lovely flashbacks, I think “I’m not with Dyad” is a bit of an understatement, don’t you? I can’t wait to see how this plays out in full!

And speaking of not being someone’s property, today’s clip features my personal favorite, Alison, giving us a similar message: “I am not your toy.” Although this clip features mainly footage from previous seasons, we do get to see a bit of what’s to come for one half of our favorite (accidentally) homicidal couple:

“Any boy clone who tries to cross the Hendrixes is gonna get his butt kicked.” I don’t doubt that, coming from Alison! I might doubt it if that had come from Donnie, though. But anyway, who do you think that guy is, in the new footage? He certainly doesn’t look like one of our Castor boys, does he? Hmm…

Is it April 18th yet?