Glee’s Wedding Episode Is Almost Here And We Are Freaking Out!

Glee's Wedding Episode Is Almost Here And We Are Freaking Out!
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Tomorrow, tomorrow, we love you tomorrow…. Glee is set to make Brittana and Klaine fans’ dreams come true tomorrow night when our two favourite couples hold a joint wedding.

For some reason, Fox seem to think no one has guessed that Klaine are asked to join Brittana’s wedding, so there are no sneak peeks or behind the scenes of their nuptials, but that surely makes what’s to come even sweeter, right?

One thing we do know is that for the first time, we will be meeting Blaine’s mom, played by the delightful Gina Gershon, and she will be joined at the wedding by Santana’s mom, played by Gloria Estefan, Brittany’s parents, played by Jennifer Coolidge and Ken Jeong, and fan favourites Burt and Carole Hummel, played by Mike O’Malley and Romy Rosemont.

I really cannot wait to see all these parents on our screens, and the guest stars on Glee always deliver. The highlight for me (Klaine vows aside), will be the moms taking to the stage to sing “I’m So Excited,” and we can get a quick look at it right here, in this fantastic behind the scenes clip with Jennifer Coolidge and Ken Jeong.

Words cannot express how much I love their banter in the clip, and I’m happy to see more of them on the show too. Their last appearance, in “What the World Needs Now,” was the total highlight of the episode for me.

We’re nearly at the end, Gleeks. After tomorrow night’s episode we only have four more episodes (the last being a double bill) until we must bid McKinley’s finest a sad farewell. Speculation is rife and as ever, the internet is abuzz with spoilers that may or may not be accurate. However, (SPOILERS AHEAD) we do know this: Jesse St James is back, which is totally amazing. Also, right now, the cast are filming the last scene to be aired, which looks to be a group number in the auditorium with everyone dressed in red and white and with a lot of familiar faces involved.

I’m not entirely sure I can handle all my emotions right now. Who’s for a group hug and a gallon of ice cream?


The gang is finishing it off!

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