Glee Tells Us “What The World Needs Now” In This Week’s Episode

Photo: Fox
Photo: Fox

Hey Gleeks!

So here’s something embarrassing.

I had no clue who Burt Bacharach was until I saw the name in the episode’s description. I mean I knew his body of work, just not the man’s name.

Now this is embarrassing since the man has won six Grammys and three Academy Awards, wrote Promises, Promises, and has associations from Dusty Springfield to Dr. Dre. My bad? But who would seriously know this guy on name alone? Who isn’t a music/theatre geek?

Know him or not, we’re going to be in for a musical treat tonight as Glee pays tribute to the man.


The World Simply Needs Love: Brittany’s parents have something that they need to tell her. While Brittany may be a mathematical genius, her parents really aren’t. There’s a reason for that. Her father is not her real father. Her real father is apparently Stephen Hawking. Um…okay? Brittany is shocked, but her father is still her father, no matter the genetics. Brittany also tells her parents that she and Santana are getting married, which is greeted enthusiastically. Later, Brittany asks Artie to be her wedding planner. Since he is a director, he could bring her vision to life, which seems to be Heaven. When planning out their guest list, Santana sees that Brittany has added her Abuela to her list. Santana admits that she would love for her grandmother to be there, but that would only happen if she doesn’t marry Brittany. Santana tells Brittany that she will choose her over everything and anyone. Brittany barges into the woman’s house in a bad disguise of a candy striper and tries to bond with the woman. She also invites Abuela over to Queso Por Dos (Fondue For Two), which has been picked up by Univision. Santana watches the episode on her laptop and closes her computer after her Abuela says that family is forever. Santana confronts Brittany over what she did, saying that her grandmother is just a hateful kind of woman. Brittany says that it’s their duty to educate and make people like Santana’s grandmother see that they are just like every other couple. Brittany brings Abuela over to the auditorium, where Santana sings for her. Abuela says that she loves her granddaughter, but not her granddaughter’s “sin.” Brittany calmly loses it and says that she’s glad that Abuela isn’t coming because that means that there is more generational turnover/”uptight bitches like you dying.” She and Santana just want to be happy and love each other. When Abuela asks Santana if she would let Brittany talk to her like that, Santana takes Brittany’s hand and says any day because Brittany is her family now. Santana is happy and in love that Brittany stood up for her and that love is all she needs. The former glee club members (and Will Schuester) say that would be honored to sit as her family with her table.

Free Your Uplifting Soul: The New Directions 3.0 are still basking in their Invitationals win. So Rachel and Kurt want to continue on the good vibes and winning streak by focusing on Burt Bacharach, who had 73 Top 40 Hits, in addition to the awards I mentioned above, so it seems like a good fit. Also coming in to help is mentor, Mercedes Jones, currently at 89 on the iTunes charts and ready to mentor the kids. 

(Never?) (Definitely?) Fall In Love Again: Sam and Rachel are still having their kind of flirtation thing right now. The pair has a meet-up/date coming up soon, which neither of them ends up showing up for. The reasons are simple, while they are interested Sam still has feelings for Mercedes and Rachel doesn’t want to hurt her friend. Mercedes, hearing from Kurt about their going-ons, tells Rachel that she’s over Sam and she wants her to get back out there. Sam sings Mercedes a song and Mercedes asks him if he’s dating. She tells Sam that they are friends and proves it by telling him she’s dating a Christian rocker named Tank. Mercedes tells Sam to go after Rachel and heal her heart. After Mercedes leaves from Rachel’s New York talk, Sam tells Rachel that he is so proud of her. Rachel asks if he would like to get dinner sometime and Sam agrees. 

Wishin’, Hopin’ On Broadway: Mercedes may be totally chill with Rachel dating her former flame, but she’s not chill with Rachel staying in Lima long term. Rachel deserves to be on Broadway, even though the last time she was on Broadway she was bored within the month. However, Mercedes has the perfect opportunity for Rachel in a daring new show and she hooked her girl up with an audition. Rachel, however, is a little more reluctant because of her recent epic failure. Mercedes won’t let it die that easily and recruits New Directions boys, past and present, to help her make Rachel miss New York in a stunning serenade. Rachel still isn’t ready to go back, and Mercedes promises to stay until Rachel is ready. Later Rachel calls Mercedes into the choir room and asks her to take over the glee club for a couple days. She forgets Kurt either due to her nerves or because she doesn’t entirely trust him with the glee club. Rachel then starts breaking down into tears and tells Mercedes that she’s afraid to fail. Mercedes says that they all will fail eventually, but they just need to pick back up again. So Rachel goes back to New York for her audition. After coming back to Lima, Rachel tells her that it was like coming home and that her head felt so clearer then it has in awhile. It just time that she got back on the horse.

Bec’s Random Observations

Stephen Hawking is Brittany’s father?

I love the Spanish language version of the Fondue For Two‘s theme song. Also how does Brittany suddenly know Spanish?

Can I have a horde of gorgeous men singing to me? I’ll appreciate it.

Okay can I just say that I’m having a hard time sympathizing with Rachel? She had all her Broadway dreams and threw them away from a television show.



“I’ll Never Fall In Love Again” sung by Rachel Berry and Sam Evans: So this song is not horrible, but it’s not very good. It’s just kind of boring. The melody is a bit meh and I don’t really like Chord and Lea’s voices on this particular arrangement together and it just doesn’t show any chemistry. Plus I don’t really get songs that come right the hell out of nowhere in the beginning of an episode. C+

“Baby It’s You” sung by Mercedes Jones with Brittany Pierce, Rachel Berry, and Santana Lopez: Now this is more like it! The reason this is not an A-grade is because I didn’t really like the costumes/hair all that much. Other then that? It was fun and retro with a great girl group vibe. Plus, Amber Riley continues to kill it with her voice. A-

“Wishin’ and Hopin’” sung by Artie Abrams, Blaine Anderson, Brittany Pierce, and Sam Evans: I like the sets a lot because it did evoke a very Heaven theme. I also liked a lot of the stylized movement and swings. The vocals were kind of all over the place. Heather Morris is a decent singer, but Kevin McHale outshines her here. I’m also hella confused about why Blaine and Sam were singing in this song as well. I think the song should have been a solo. B

“Arthur’s Theme” sung by Alumni Men and New Direction Boys: I’m pro-all male numbers because the men on this show are pretty talented. Also I’m so happy that the New Directions 3.0 guys had a chance to shine here for a few lines each. All of the guys sound great and I liked the costumes, I just think the set was kind of over the top. B+

“They Long To Be Close To You” sung by Sam Evans: So I like Chord Overstreet’s voice, but man was this song just kind of boring. And he’s trying and I like acoustic songs. I don’t know. The man just didn’t seem to be on his A-game, but he tried. B-

“Promises, Promises” sung by Rachel Berry: Rachel’s solos have just kind of begun to run together at this point. I’ll rarely criticize the actual vocals because Lea Michele knows what she’s doing. I like the energy that is given because it’s infectious, but it (Rachel solo and travel montage to New York) just kind of feels really overplayed at this point, so it hampers the enjoyment. B

“Alfie” sung by Santana Lopez: I like it when Naya Rivera gets a chance to do a quieter song. Don’t get me wrong, she knows how to make me fan myself and stare, but I love it when she just gets something quieter and sweeter. It shows off her smoky range a bit more. I do wish she was just doing this solo, rather then dragging in New Directions (alum and 3.0) into the mix. But it’s not a total dealbreaker. A-

“What The World Needs Now” sung by Alumni, New Directions, and Will Schuester: It’s the 700th song. The vocals were great. They had past and present members. There was a gathering at Will Schuester’s house complete with an adorable chubby baby on my screen. It made me feel nostalgic. A+

Next week, New Directions sings, Sheldon Beiste makes his debut, and Vocal Adrenaline are kind of psychotic – Will be careful.

Bec Heim