Everyone On Glee Goes Through A Period Of “Transitioning” On This Week’s Episode

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Hey Gleeks!

As people we are in a constant state of flux, of transitioning. Just when we think that we are finally on the level, something new shows up and whacks our world out of balance. Sometimes it’s welcomed, other times it sucks, and most of the times we just need to deal with it.

People are not static. So it makes sense that in the stories we watch or read, we want to see the same thing from our favorite characters. So I suppose that is why it’s a good thing for Glee to focus on the subject this week.

We grow up. We move on. We become new people from who we were. Ultimately, the only constant in our lives is that period of transition. So now it’s time to see how the characters deal with it yet again.


A Lesson In Tolerance: Will Schuester is enjoying the high life of being Vocal Adrenaline’s coach. Fat paychecks, nice accommodations, and a talented group of kids if only said kids weren’t little assholes obsessed with winning. While walking with Emma and Daniel in the park, Will runs into Rachel and Blaine. Vocal Adrenaline had egged both of them. Will decides that it is time to start transitioning Vocal Adrenaline into a group that is a bit kinder to the competition. So with Unique’s help, he tries to get tolerance week started. The lead unnamed female singer is not having it saying they don’t care about tolerance; they care about winning. While lead male singer, Clint, says that they should act intolerant in order for tolerance week to eat up valuable rehearsal time at the other schools. Will tells them that attitude will never be tolerated. After the incident with Sheldon’s car, Will proceeds to read Vocal Adrenaline the riot act. Clint, however, says that that all they want to do is win, and that Will has a loser mentality. Will refuses to back down and kicks Clint off Vocal Adrenaline for his attitude. Later that night, Will and Emma have a talk with each other about Will’s job. Will admits that he hates his job and the people because no one wants to change the environment. He also admits that he likes the extra stuff and perks and feels bad for liking it. He wants to quit and look for new work, but there is Daniel to think of. Emma tells him that Daniel is going to be always watching him. Now is the time to not think about money, but how to make an example for his child, to show him that it is not about money but your principles that you must stand by. With that in mind, Will returns to Vocal Adrenaline where Clint, due to booster society pressure, has been put back on the team. Putting on an acting performance to make Neal Caffrey proud, Will tells them that he has come over to their way of thinking and wants to pull the prank to end all pranks on the New Directions. When they get there, however, a surprise musical performance by Unique and a transperson choir is taking place to a) show Beiste that he’s not alone and b) to show Vocal Adrenaline that the arts are more then winning. It is a transformative experience. When Clint starts laying into Will about this, Will laughs in his face and announces that he quits. The next day, Will returns to the choir room and tells Rachel and Kurt how proud he is of them for doing what they are doing. He tells them that Carmel paid well enough that he and his family have a few months while he tries to find a new job. He’s looking at McKinley, mainly to see Sue’s vein bug out when he applies. Rachel and Kurt have an job offer for him as a Special Alumni Consultant to help them come up with lesson plans and the like, which Will accepts.

World Meet Sheldon Beiste: Sheldon is back to McKinley from his top surgery. And he finds himself in a more welcoming environment then he had expected at McKinley. Sue and Sam had to work to promote a more tolerant atmosphere at McKinley in regards to trans individuals and strive to use the proper pronouns. Sam is happy to have the Coach back, and Sheldon is happy with the progress made in his absence. This happiness does not totally last, however, when he finds his car trashed in the parking lot thanks to Vocal Adrenaline with a slur written across the windshield. Sue calls in Will to a meeting where the story comes out. Sheldon says that he would rather let the incident pass, that he was expecting something like this. But Will says that no one messes with his friends like that. Later, Sam and Spencer meet with Sheldon ready for blood of Vocal Adrenaline. No one hurts one of their own, and they want names. Sheldon has them sit down and listen to him. Sheldon knew this would happen and was prepared for it. But, Sheldon tells them, this is the first time in his life where he feels truly happy with who he is. He tells Spencer that this is the first time he’s seen Spencer put others first over his need to be the star player. And he tells Sam that it was partly due to his influence that this change has happened. So, if this attack against him makes such changes more prominent, then Sheldon can hold onto that in his heart. Unique comes to visit Sheldon at McKinley where the two of them have a heart to heart. The two of them talk about transitioning to their true selves. Sheldon admits that the hardest part is trying to figure out where he belongs now. People don’t really know how to treat him and right now all he wants to do is be one of the guys. Unique asks if his top surgery hurt, and Sheldon says no because it felt like his breasts were never his to begin with. It was just another step into becoming who he always wanted to be. But he just wants to find a place where he feel like he truly fits in now. Unique takes his hand and promises him that he’s not alone. After Will quits Vocal Adrenaline, Sheldon tries to tell Will that he’s not worth quitting his job over. But Will says that for a friend, he would do it again in a heartbeat. Will helped Unique put together the choir so that Sheldon could feel like he had a community to belong in. 

Move Along, Rachel Berry: Rachel, in addition to the egging, has found out that her childhood home has been sold. This is despite her best efforts as dressing up like the girl from The Ring and scaring people away. Sam tells her that she should probably not do something so crazy. Rachel says that she isn’t ready to let go of her childhood home. So Sam convenes the New Directions Alum still in Lima for reasons that will probably just hurt my brain in my thinking spot and tells them the situation. They all need to help Rachel make the transition of leaving behind her childhood home and go into adulthood. So with a change in the lesson plan, they break out the Wheel of Show Choir partners and start to pair up in anticipation for a party in Rachel’s basement. Sam, now free of his old feelings for Mercedes, is ready to continue this relationship with Rachel. And with a quiet moment in her bedroom, the two of them share a kiss in front of Rachel’s wall of dreams and friendships. All of the New Directions Alum help Rachel back up and put her pictures from the wall into a scrapbook. 

Somebody Loves Klaine: Kurt nudges the Wheel of Show Choir Duet Partners into his favor this week with a finger to get Blaine. Blaine, however, is totally cool with this coincidence. Just don’t tell Dave because he thinks that Blaine still has feelings for Kurt. Kurt promises not to. And the two of them share a very zing-y duet at Rachel’s Goodbye Childhood Home party. This cumulates into Blaine kissing Kurt as Kurt walks him to his car. A few days later, Blaine and Dave have talk about their relationship. Dave tells Blaine that he’s unsurprised this has happened, and that it’s okay. If Blaine wants to go back to Kurt, then he understands and wants Blaine to be happy. Besides Dave has his pick of rebound guys as well. So Blaine goes to McKinley, looking for Kurt, who was just about to leave on a date with Walter to double with Rachel and Sam. Blaine lies and says that he forgot what he had even came there for.

Bec’s Random Observations

Vocal Adrenaline egging someone is so 2010.

Doesn’t Blaine have a job he has to go to?

Oh look the newbies have lines this week. I wish they had more.

I don’t know why I’m cracking over Spencer and Kitty fighting over that pink tutu but I am. Spencer really pulls it off.

Dave is taking this thing remarkably well. And Dave is definitely the most emotionally mature person that either Kurt or Blaine has rebound dated.

I’m calling it now. End of the series has Will taking over a glee club from a New York, Broadway bound Rachel and newly married Kurt Hummel-Anderson.


“You Give Love A Bad Name” sung by Vocal Adrenaline: Vocal Adrenaline may be full of selfish, automaton jerks but they are talented as hell jerks. The song sounds absolutely amazing. But I’m knocking it down because they’re jerks. A-

“Same Love” sung by Will Schuester and Unique Adams: RAPPING WILL IS BACK ONE MORE TIME! I was like one of two people who loved rapping Will and I am so glad he’s back. Matthew Morrison keeps the flow of the rap well while Alex Newell’s soft delivery of Miranda Lambert’s part just made the song shine. I wish we could have heard more it. B+

“All About That Bass” sung by Mercedes Jones and Roderick: Amber Riley and Noah Guthrie sound good together. Though they cut it to be a little more Mercedes heavy in the show, which is a pity because I thought Guthrie’s vocals added a little more roughness to the song in the full version. Still they both sounded really good, and it was fun to see everyone acting a bit silly. B+

“Somebody Loves You” sung by Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson: I will never deny that Chris Colfer and Darren Criss have amazing vocal chemistry. Mix that in with New Direction Alum and 3.0 dancing around in outrageously silly costumes and I’m sold. It was a fun song. A-

“Time After Time” sung by Rachel Berry and Sam Evans: I am legitimately trying to get into this duet pairing. But ohmyGod three Samchel duets and I’m feeling zero chemistry. They’re just kind of boring. And I love this song. It beats out getting a C-grade because the visuals helped. I love seeing Rachel’s pictures coming to life in the scrapbook. B-

“I Know Where I’ve Been” sung by Unique Adams and the Transperson Choir: This was one of the most beautiful numbers that the show has ever put on. Alex Newell sounded amazing and the sight of so many people who had to fight to become themselves made me choke up. I’m glad that this was done because it is one of the best numbers the show has ever produced. A+++++

Bec Heim