Could Ugly Betty Make A Comeback? The Cast Are Hopeful Of A Return

Could Ugly Betty Make A Comeback? The Cast Are Hopeful Of A Return
Credit: ABC


I adored Ugly Betty when it was on our TV screens. I loved each and every cast member. I loved the storylines, the jokes, and the costumes… all of it. So it is music to my ears to hear yet another cast member saying he would love a reunion to happen.

Michael Urie, who played personal assistant Marc St James to Vanessa Williams’ Wilhelmina Slater, has said that fans’ calls for a one off return season or a movie will not be ignored.

“I think it could happen,” he told Digital Spy. “I think it could be tricky. I think part of the problem is there was so many cooks in that kitchen. It was based on a Colombian novella, and then it was developed by all these people, and then it was created by Silvio Horta, and it would definitely have to be him that wrote the movie.

“I hope [it happens]. If the fans keep asking, and I can’t imagine they’re being ignored, it would be cool. If not a movie, then a reunion season.”

Could Ugly Betty Make A Comeback? The Cast Are Hopeful Of A Return
Credit: ABC


Ugly Betty ran on ABC from 2006 to 2010, and gained a legion of devoted fans and followers who were shocked and sad to see it end. I recall that I felt as though the show still had so much more to give, and Urie says the same.

“I think it could have carried on,” he said. “I wish it had. We could have definitely done another few years. What was good about that show was that it changed as she [Betty] changed.

“All the characters changed over the course of those four years. They grew up and they had so much more life to live. It couldn’t have gone on forever, but it definitely could have gone on several more years. There would have been new stories and new challenges as they got older.

“Certain comedy shows aren’t really about growth, they’re about situations. This show really was about how people grew and changed. I think it could have gone on, for sure.”

America Ferrera starred as the adorable Betty Suarez, and when asked about an Ugly Betty return last year, stated that “anything is possible,” while Vanessa Williams has said that she would “do it in a second” if a new season or a movie was on the cards.

I’m often sceptical of shows returning after they have supposedly left our screens for good, but there is always an element of whimsical nostalgia that makes us want to check in and see what our favourites are up to. The problem comes, however, when the writers don’t see things the way we had imagined them to be.

With shows such as Friends, I am inclined to think they had given all they could and it’s best left as it ended, but I have always felt as though Ugly Betty was cut short. I think that as long as it wasn’t left for too many years, a return would be entirely possible and very welcome.