Chris Evans Wins Our Hearts And The Super Bowl Battle Of The Chris-es

Chris Pratt.
Chris Pratt.

A considerate amount of the world’s population were glued to their seats yesterday thanks to the biggest sporting event: the Super Bowl. Most of them watched it for the love of the sport, some others did it for the halftime show, and some others, like me, watched it because, well, why the hell not?

But the New England Patriots against Seattle Seahawks wasn’t the only “battle”; there was also a very interesting bet going on between two of Marvel’s favourite Chris-es: Chris Evans (Patriots) and Chris Pratt (Seahawks).

It was a friendly bet that would benefit a lot of people: if the Pats won, Star-Lord would have to visit Christopher’s Haven; if the Seahawks won, Captain America would have to visit Seattle’s Children Hospital, waving the 12th man flag.

In case you somehow missed the results: the Pats won. Captain America won!

Star-Lord is a man of his word, and it didn’t take long for Chris Pratt to share on his Twitter account that he will put on the Star-Lord costume and visit Christopher’s Haven.


Both Chris-es have hearts of gold. Pratt revealed months ago that he took some of Star-Lord’s clothing with him to visit children’s hospitals (and he did!) and Chris Evans recently visited a young fan at Christopher’s Haven. You didn’t think Pratt was going to be alone on paying the bet, did you?  


How can you not love these two?! I insist: we have a lot to learn from them and if there were more people like the Chris-es, the world would be a much better place.

Sorry, Pats, but the real winners here are the Seattle’s Children Hospital and Christopher’s Haven!

Now, if we could only get Chris Hemsworth to join the magical world of twitter…