Boy Meets Galaxy: Will Friedle To Voice Star-Lord On Guardians Of The Galaxy Animated Series

Credit: Peyton Meyer's Instagram
Credit: Peyton Meyer’s Instagram

Plays With Squirrels is going to be trading his name for something with a little more outlaw flair: Star-Lord.

That’s right! Boy Meets World vet turned voice actor, Will Friedle, has been cast in Disney XD’s highly anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy animated series. Both Marvel’s and Disney XD PR’s YouTube channels have been slowly revealing the show’s cast with a series of quick videos.

And honestly, if you can’t have Chris Pratt doing the voice for Star-Lord, then Will Friedle is really the only obvious choice. Why? Well as a voice actor nerd, let me tell you!

Following the end of Boy Meets World, Friedle has made a rather seamless transition to the world of animated voiceover. He’s really good at letting the emotional struggle of the characters he plays show through in his performances. Plus he brings a physicality to his voice, which is rather cool to hear especially when you consider how physical he was on Boy Meets World.

Friedle has done the voices of Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond), Ron Stoppable (Kim Possible), Lion-O (Thundercats), Jaimie Reyes/The Blue Beetle (Batman: The Brave And The Bold), Deadpool (Ultimate Spider-Man), and Bumblebee (Transformers: Robots In Disguise).

All of these characters kind of encapsulate what Friedle will bring to the role of Star-Lord: humor, heart, warmth, a bit of drama, and a sincere desire to do good in the galaxy. They are mostly characters who have to learn to become leaders or heroes in their own right.

Joining Friedle in the cast are Kevin Michael Richardson (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) as Groot, Trevor Devall (Johnny Test) as Rocket Raccoon, and David Sobolov (Transformers Prime) as Drax the Destroyer. Gamora remains the only unrevealed voice actor.

The Guardians of the Galaxy animated series will premiere in later 2015.

Bec Heim