Avengers, Assemble: New Age of Ultron Promo Warns Us That Ultron Will End Us All

Marvel Studios
Credit: Marvel Studios

A new, shiny, evil teaser for Avengers: Age of Ultron is here and, of course, it made us go wild.

This thirty second teaser doesn’t show anything we haven’t seen before in the previous teasers and trailers, but it certainly made us even more afraid of Ultron. There’s so much evil and anger in that robot.

Ultron is an artificial intelligence created by Tony Stark with the intention of helping the Avengers keep peace in this chaotic world. The plan backfires and Ultron, overwhelmed with a God complex, decides that humans are the real threat and is determined to eradicate humanity.

But if that is not enough for you to be afraid of him, in this new teaser Ultron comes to tell you that he is “going to tear you apart from the inside”. It gave me chills.

The teaser opens with Black Widow saying “we have no place in the world” while Captain America picks up his helmet. We then see the Avengers being pushed to their limits, culminating with Iron Man in the Hulkbuster going against the Hulk. I am having a serious case of feels right now.

This promo is part of all the goodies we got this week and there are still more to come. Just a friendly reminder that Robert Downey Jr teased a major announcement in the coming days. Keep your eyes open; I have the feeling it’s going to be something that will bring a major Marvelites breakdown.

An official poster was revealed this week, confirming the appearances of Hayley Atwell, Anthony Mackie and Idris Elba. It’s going to be like a fine, well-mixed cocktail that will totally makes us cry. I can’t wait!

Avengers: Age of Ultron will finally come to us on April 23rd in the UK and May 1st in the US.