4 Episodes Left! What Songs Will Lead Us To The Glee Finale?

Photo: FOX/TV Line
Photo: FOX/TV Line

Yes, Gleeks, you read that right. There are just four more outings for our favourite show (the last being a double bill). While not necessarily always happy with the writing this season, it seems to be universally acknowledged that the song choices have been spot on, and the performances standout. Far too much Vocal Adrenaline; since they’re not led by Jesse St James any more no one really cares, but otherwise it’s fair to say a lot of the tracks have rocked.

So, what songs do we have left to look forward to? Well, don’t carry on reading if you’re not prepared for SPOILERS, because here is what we know so far including what the final number will be (sob)!

6×09- “Child Star”

4 Episodes Left! What Songs Will Lead Us To The Glee Finale?
Credit: Fox

It’s the turn of the newbies to take centre stage this week. Now, I get that we all want to see our originals taking up the time, but let’s look at it this way; these newbies have sensational voices. Not just a little bit good, but damn brilliant. They have worked equally as hard for this sixth season and I think they’ve done really well, so I am happy they have a chance to shine.

Songs for the episode are as follows:

“Friday I’m In Love”– Performed by Spencer. (Marshall Williams.)

“Cool Kids”– Performed by Jane, Mason, Madison and Kitty. (Samantha Marie Ware, Billy Lewis Jr. Laura Dreyfuss, Becca Tobin.)

“Lose My Breath”- Performed by Myron. (JJ Totah.)

“Break Free”– Performed by Myron, Rachel, Sam, Sheldon, Sue and Will. (JJ Totah, Lea Michele, Chord Overstreet, Dot Marie Jones, Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison.)

“I Want To Break Free“- Performed by Mason. (Billy Lewis Jr.)
Listen here:

“Uptown Funk”– Performed by The New Directions
Listen here:

6×10 – The Rise And Fall Of Sue Sylvester

Credit: Fox
Credit: Fox

An episode focused, quite deservingly, on Sue Sylvester. After Dalton burns to the ground, Kurt, Blaine and Will decide to merge the Warblers with the New Directions, and Sue has something to say about it. Of course she does!

Songs for the episode are as follows, and include an original number written by Darren Criss:

“Rather Be”– Performed by Jane and Kitty

“Far From Over”– Performed by Vocal Adrenaline

“The Trolley Song”– Performed by Sue Sylvester and Carol Burnett (as herself).

“The Final Coundown”– Performed by Sue and Will

“Rise”- Performed by the New Directions (Darren Criss Original Song)
Listen here:

6×11-“We Built This Glee Club”

4 Episodes Left! What Songs Will Lead Us To The Glee Finale?
Credit: Fox

This episode is sectionals. From the look of spoiler photos, it seems as though Sue could now be coaching Vocal Adrenaline, and we also know that New Directions win. There are no audios available yet, but the song list is as follows:

“Broken Wings”- Performed by John James Audobon Institute for Rehabilitative Ornithology

“We Built This City”– Performed by Vocal Adrenaline

“Mickey”- Performed by Vocal Adrenaline

“Take Me To Church”– Performed by Roderick with Jane and Kitty

“Chandelier”– Performed by Madison and Kitty with Jane

“Come Sail Away”– Performed by Mason, Madison, Kitty and Spencer

6×12- “2009” and 6×13- “Dreams Come True”

4 Episodes Left! What Songs Will Lead Us To The Glee Finale?
Credit: fyeahgleeclub tumblr


As yet, not many song spoilers are out for these two episodes, but we do know this. The final big group number will be “I Lived” by One Republic. Also strongly rumoured for the finale is another Darren Criss original song.

“2009” takes us back to the time of the pilot, but Blaine is in the episode and obviously, sadly, there is no Cory, so we can assume it’s AU of some kind.

“Dreams Come True” flashes forward to 2020 to see how everyone fares five years on. Prepare to cry. A lot.

So there we have it. What songs are you looking forward to hearing the most?