15 Gifs That Show Why Chris Evans Is a Fangirl’s Dream

15 Gifs That Show Why Chris Evans Is a Fangirl's Dream
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Christopher Robert Evans.

There is a lot that can be said about this particular person. He is an actor, producer, dancer, singer, and director. Of all the things that is he, the most important of them all is that he is a fangirl’s dream.

Evans is best known around the world for his portrayal of Steve Rogers aka Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Johnny Storm aka Human Torch in Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. It is these superhero roles that have made him famous in our hearts, and also have made him the ultimate gif-worthy icon.

Evans has really come to his own in the past few years because of his roles in the MCU, and most recently, because of his amazing personality off-screen as well. Because of this, we here at 4YE thought it only fitting to celebrate all the reasons why Chris Evans is a fangirl’s dream in gif form.

Without much further ado, here are our 15 gifs that show why Chris Evans is a fangirl’s dream!

1. That time he helped Betty White up the stairs dressed like a sexy school teacher.

15 Gifs That Show Why Chris Evans Is a Fangirl's Dream

Evans took home some hardware at the People’s Choice Awards, but it was this moment during the kudocast that won him a place in all of America’s hearts as he helped the lovely Betty White up the stairs to receive her award. White’s face was priceless as was the very sexy yet casual ensemble that Evans was sporting. If professors dressed like this, the world would definitely pay attention in class. What a gent.

2. That time he gave good smolder at the BAFTAs.

15 Gifs That Show Why Chris Evans Is a Fangirl's Dream

Evans appeared at this year’s BAFTAs to present the award for Best Actress, but it’s safe to say the whole world was looking at him rather than the winner. Looking flawless in his black suit and tie, the actor exuded sexiness and gave the audience such a smoldering look, we are pretty sure that Flynn Rider was sitting somewhere quite jealous.

3. That time he admitted he was a softie while smiling.

15 Gifs That Show Why Chris Evans Is a Fangirl's Dream

It takes a real man to admit that he’s a crier, but it’s even more amazing when he is smiling while admitting such a character “flaw.” Evans might have been being a bit sarcastic considering the chuckle he gave, but judging by his smile and eyes, it is easy to believe that this real life superhero has a soft and delicate side to him. We’d hug him to make him happy.

4. That time he was cheering on his favorite football team like a total nerd boy jock.

15 Gifs That Show Why Chris Evans Is a Fangirl's Dream

We don’t know about anyone else but this year’s Superbowl was one for the books as Chris Evans’ Patriots were front and center along with Evans’ love for them. He made a bet with Chris Pratt on who would win (his team did), but it was Evans’ off-screen shenanigans with Pratt and his absolutely joy and loyalty for the Patriots that gave us life.

5. That time he gave the world one hell of an epic close up.

15 Gifs That Show Why Chris Evans Is a Fangirl's Dream
We could try to explain this gif and the reason for choosing it but we’ve kinda lost all train of thought, and the ability to formulate any coherent logic at this moment. This close up is that epic.

6. That time he jumped over Chris Pratt with basically no running start.

15 Gifs That Show Why Chris Evans Is a Fangirl's Dream

Chris Pratt is 6ft 2in. Chris Evans was able to clear the jump over his head like it was just another walk in the park. We here at 4YE have studied this gif and video multiple times and we still can’t quite believe what we are seeing. We’re pretty sure Evans is Captain America for real at this point.

7. That time he acted like a complete goofball with his Avengers buddies.

15 Gifs That Show Why Chris Evans Is a Fangirl's Dream15 Gifs That Show Why Chris Evans Is a Fangirl's Dream

There were so many gifs we could have chosen for this section, but we decided to go with the ultimate bromance: Chris². You can just tell that the camaraderie amongst the Avengers is strong; it must be amazing to hang out with them (cough invite us to your party cough).

Speaking of the ultimate bromance:

8. That time he had a massive crush of Chris Hemsworth.

15 Gifs That Show Why Chris Evans Is a Fangirl's DreamChris Evans is not one to shy away from admitting he finds his male co-stars attractive…and who can blame him really. We decided on this gif because the speed at which he answered the question made it an instant classic; check it out below:

9. That time he was tired of shaving so he grew a beard.

15 Gifs That Show Why Chris Evans Is a Fangirl's Dream15 Gifs That Show Why Chris Evans Is a Fangirl's Dream

Does this really need any explanation other than thank you? We don’t think so.

10. That time he was almost worthy of Thor’s Mjölnir.

15 Gifs That Show Why Chris Evans Is a Fangirl's Dream
If you are in any way informed about what happens in the comics you know what this is all about. There is no doubt that Age of Ultron is going to kick all the ass, but only time will tell if Cap has what it takes to actually lift the damn thing. That little movement gives us life.

11. That time he got us interested in video games… at least for a few minutes.

The Call of Duty team really knew how to catch our attention. It was simple: Chris Evans, camouflage pants and a lot of action. This is just some further proof that Chris is a real life action hero.

Call of Duty had Chris as their action hero for the trailer of Call of Duty Online. If they wanted to gain a lot of attention, they certainly got it!

12. That time we proved he is the cutest when it comes to bloopers.

Listen: very few actors can manage to look adorable when they forget their lines or do anything blooper-worthy. But then there’s Chris Evans… can he stop the cuteness for one minute? (Spoiler: he can’t).

13. That time he made the most elegant ice bucket challenge.
We know you still remember all about the Ice Bucket Challenge, and as Mr. Evans is a man with a heart of gold, he obviously took the challenge… but not in a traditional way. It was delightful.

14. That time he shared how much he loves his dog. And we loved him even more.
“I have an American bulldog. His name is East and he is my best friend”. It can’t get any better than a talented, kind, beautiful man who loves animals.

You know, Chris? We all love dogs. Just saying!

15. That time he spoke about his anxiety and gave the best advice ever.

We’ve all been there at some point. It’s always good to see a public figure open up about his/her problems and demons; it gives a sense of identification.

Chris Evans has been pretty open about his anxiety, and when he was asked about the advice he would give to his 12 year-old self, the answer was simple: “Ssshhh”.

But please, listen to it yourself (it’s magic):

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