Victoria and Emily Face ‘Abduction’ This Week on “Revenge”

Photo: ABC

Revenge has created its scariest villain to date: Malcolm.

This week’s episode of Revenge kicks off with an image no one would expect – Emily Thorne and Victoria Grayson in a cage. Malcolm has the two feisty women locked up and ready to use for barter. You could only imagine David’s surprise when he comes to his daughters house, only to get a video message confirming that she is under the watchful eye of Malcolm.

Stuck together, Emily and Victoria are forced to address one another. Of course, this results in Emily divulging David’s plans to kill Victoria. While this ended up seeming petty and hurting our hearts a little bit, someone as strong and emotionally wounded like Emily is allowed to jab the woman who has made her life a living hell. Needless to say this was an episode where the distinction between being Team Emily and Team Victoria was a blur.

While Emily and Victoria try to hold their own, David decides to fight – not fold. David arranges to meet with Malcolm to trade daughter for daughter. Unsurprisingly Malcolm realizes his daughter has been dead the whole time, resulting in David getting shot in the leg. What occurred next was a lengthy fight scene which resulted in Malcolm being tossed into a fire.

What’s the opposite of R.I.P. Malcolm? That’s how we feel.

Oddly enough, Nolan never realizes his best friend is gone. To be fair, the genius has his hands tied with the troubled Louise who receives an unwanted visit from her mother. That’s right , Louise’s mom in real life.

After seeing the pair react, and witnessing her moms viciousness first hand, we are beginning to understand their relationship. Louise’s mom is vile and makes it clear that Louise’s money doesn’t belong to her. Her mother has control over the money and that’s how she plans on keeping it – that’s until Nolan comes up with a plan.

The pair get married, making Nolan the controller of Louise’s funds. #LouLan. It happened…ish.

The happy energy is quick to die down, when Louise’s mom divulges that the purpose for Louise’s meds is to make her forget that she killed her father. Personally we feel this was either a freak accident, or her mom is seriously messing with her head. We are pretty scared to see what her mom has in store, as well as what Margaux has in store as she seems hell bent on taking down Emily.

Never a dull moment.

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues