Unique Makes Her Return in Promo Photos for Glee’s “Transitioning”

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Hey Gleeks!

So last week, we were treated to the episode summary of episode seven of Glee‘s final season “Transitioning”.

We can expect a lot of focus on various characters as they each go through a big life transition. Rachel is moving out of her childhood home and maybe looking to a relationship with Sam. Will has to deal with Vocal Adrenaline not being the New Directions and maybe having to change himself in order to be what they need. Vocal Adrenaline has to accept that they have a teacher who isn’t as crazily obsessed with winning. Sheldon Beiste is dealing with his transition from woman to man along with returning to school post surgery. Also something is going to happen with Kurt and Blaine, but there’s nothing really clearly stated there.

Everyone is in a state of flux, but who isn’t? It is accepting and dealing with the transition that makes people… people.

Of course, who knows with the show? This past week Sue went crazy over an unused plastic fork accidentally left behind.

But the best part, well for me, is that Unique Adams (Alex Newell) is coming back. Queen!

I was seriously devastated when Unique wasn’t coming back this season. I just really love her and her story, when her story is actually focused on. Plus I just dig the hell out of her voice and her owning herself. Also I will forever be ugly sobbing over her rendition of “If I Were A Boy”.

So let us take a look see at the pictures!

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Unique looks flawless in her red dress, rocking it like whoa. So far the only song rumored for the episode is “I Know Where I’ve Been” from Hairspray sung by Unique and the Transperson choir. It’s a beautiful song and I know Alex Newell will do it justice.

Based off the picture of Rachel and Blaine covered in eggshells, I’m going with the idea that Vocal Adrenaline are returning to old tricks. If you forgot in season one episode twenty-one, “Funk”, Vocal Adrenaline led by Jesse St. James egged Rachel.

I’m sorry, but I need to bring this up. Why is like every choir, except for the New Directions, jerks? Like even the Warblers didn’t last long after Blaine left before resorting to villainy. Is it something in the water at these schools? I’m all for healthy competition, but come on. There’s a line with that. This is like watching an evil animated villain twirl their mustache and laughing about how wicked they are. It’s show choir.

I don’t know. It just always bothered me. Might as well air it out with the show ending.

Jayma Mays makes her return post-The Millers. It is nice to see Emma Pillsbury-Schuester again. I hope we get to see her once or twice more before the show ends, but who knows what her contract is.

It also looks like Rachel is making the Hat of Fate more theatrical. There’s a spinning wheel with New Directions 3.0 and New Directions Original Recipe’s names on it. So maybe a duet assignment? That’ll be cool to see. I want to hear more of the newbies singing.

Although the spinning wheel seems kind of ridiculous. They should have probably stuck with the Hat of Fate. All I think of when I see that wheel is this…

I’m sorry! That’s what pops into my head!

I’m glad to see Mercedes back. My fingers are sooo crossed for Amber Riley and Samantha Ware (who plays Jane Hayward) to do a duet. If not them, then Amber and Noah Guthrie (who plays Roderick). I think those would be awesome vocal combinations.

Also more of little Daniel Finn Schuester! I am pro seeing more the chubby little ginger baby on my screen.

“Transitioning” will air on February 13th at 9pm EST on FOX.

Bec Heim